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Uma (short for Ugliest Man Alive) is a character of someone cursed into this creature during The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This cursed being is first briefly encountered by Geralt in Velen, where he is some sort of pet belonging to the Bloody Baron. He is encountered again later when he is taken to Kaer Morhen where Geralt and Yennefer hope to remove the curse.

Journal entry Edit

When Geralt encountered a misshapen midget at the Bloody Baron's court, he didn't think much of it. Yet when he heard a similarly deformed being has washed up on Skellige's shores in the same boat in which Ciri and her mysterious companion had sailed off shortly prior, he connected the two at once. It was clear this rough-hewn hunk of flesh was the key to finding Cirilla.
Sadly, there was no communicating with Uma. The gnarled twiglet lived in his own miniature world. Yet Geralt knew Umana was the key to finding Ciri. Even if no pertinent information was forthcoming from the creature's stunted lips, surely further investigation would squeeze some solution out of this riddle.
Though Yennefer and Vesemir agreed Uma was suffering from a powerful curse, they could not reach a concensus about how to go about lifing it. Sharp words were exchanged before Vesemir stepped in and announced that before Yennefer did anything he would try one of the traditional witcher methods.
All that was left to the others was to wait.
Though Vesemir's method had worked to disenchant the famous Swan of Poviss, it brought no breakthrough here. Vesemir did, however, succeed in confirming that Uma's body was a sort of magic prison in which some other being was trapped.
Yennefer's method did not prognosticate a high chance for Uma's survival – yet was now the only remaining option for lifting the curse.
The ritual succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. The person cursed inside Uma turned out to be none other than Avallac'h, a powerful elven Sage the witcher had met before.

Associated quests Edit

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