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I know you. You're Geralt of Rivia. Jacques de Aldersberg's killer.
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- upon recognizing Geralt

Ulrich is the Grand Master of the Fallen Knights from the Order of the Flaming Rose in the Hearts of Stone expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Ulrich was a member of the Order of the Flaming Rose in an official capacity until Radovid V disbanded the group after its heavy losses at the front lines of the Third Northern War. Those who remained loyal to Radovid were made witch hunters, whereas those who did not were exiled or thrown in jail. Ulrich was displeased with Radovid's treatment of the once-proud Order, and so deserted along with a sizeable number of other soldiers.

Ultimately, those who left the Order but did not become witch hunters formed into a band of Fallen Knights, of which Ulrich became leader. The group quickly turned to crime, trading in fisstech, robbing caravans, and murdering people in the Redanian countryside.

An even bigger insult to Ulrich was a high-ranking officer of the Order, Count Siegfried de Löwe, had taken a chunk of his soldiers to oppose his radicalism of the Order. This assisted in his descent into madness. He thus had camps set North and South of the Pontar, to harass both Nilfgaard and Redania.

Hearts of Stone Edit

Ulrich issues an order to attack the village of Bowdon to eliminate competitors in the fisstech trade who are based there. Of those killed in the attack was Kluivert, a friend of Adela, a member of the Redanian Free Company. Adela then tasks Geralt with finding and killing the party responsible for Kluivert's murder.

Geralt follows clues from Bowdon to an encampment of Fallen Knights, and determines from the documents there that the Fallen Knights' main base is at a fisstech lab northwest of the village of Brunwich. He travels there and confronts Ulrich. After a conversation in which Ulrich tells the story of the Order's plight, he calls out Geralt as the one who killed Jacques de Aldersberg, citing the killing as the starting point of the Order's problems. Thus, the encounter ends in a bloodbath as Geralt kills Ulrich, and every other Fallen Knight in the lab.

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