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Tyr first master of An Skellig and progenitor of famous Clan Tuirseach. Folklore of Skellige states that to take possession of the land promised him by Hemdall, his father, Tyr first had to defeat a powerful and great bear named Yngvar. It was well known that no mortal had ever survived an encounter with the bear, so Tyr decided to prepare properly for the fight.

He ventured into the deepest cave in Skellige and with the fire of the bowels of the earth as his furnace, he forged a blade so fine it could slice a hair lengthwise and so strong it could fell a hundred-year-old tree in one blow and not be dulled. Heulyn, his mother, engraved protective runes upon the sword by the first light of dawn so that it would protect Tyr from the bear’s attacks. Yngvar was defeated, Tyr became master of An Skellig, and his descendants are one of the wealthiest and most powerful clans in the Isles to this day. [1]

Notes & references Edit

  1. Heroes of Skellige: Tyr

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