Tybalt of Vengerberg is a royal archer who appears in the opening cinematic to The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. He is on board King Demavend III's ship, providing marksmanship entertainment by hitting moving targets fired off from the boat. However, when Letho begins his assassination attempt on Demavend, Tybalt then uses his skills to try and hit Letho as the boat disintegrates.

Tybalt fires two arrows, one of them hitting one of the ship's (now frozen) crew member who was previously engaged in watching the fight between Allgood and Semko. Tybalt then fires a second arrow, which Letho spins and jumps to avoid, narrowly missing his back. He is then stabbed in the gut and thrust into the air, effectively ending Tybalt, and he goes down with the ship.

The Witcher 2 Digital Artbook description Edit

Tybalt of Vengerberg, royal archer, unmatched marksman, master of the longbow, whose hands never wavered, whose eyes never failed. Yet his arrows could not repeal Fate's decree[...]

According to the art book writers, "At first the archer was to be one of many supporting characters, a member of the king’s guard showing off his archery skills, another attraction during the cruise. As we expanded and modified the screenplay, however, he grew in importance. Ultimately we decided to turn him into one of the Kingslayer’s chief adversaries. The marksman’s confrontation with the 'experienced assassin produced some very interesting visual effects."

Enhanced Edition CGI Intro Edit

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