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The Tvarog runestone is a runestone in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt added by the Hearts of Stone expansion. This runestone requires one lesser runestone and one cow's milk to craft.

One Tvarog runestone is used in the creation of the Dumplings runeword which, when in effect, causes any food consumed to regenerate 100% more vitality (i.e. doubling the amount of health regenerated).

Despite the in-game description urging players to put this rune on a sword, doing so doesn't actually confer any effects. In fact, placing this runestone on a sword raises the sword's level requirement by 1, and is thus not recommended.

Trivia Edit

  • This runestone references quark (Polish: twaróg), a dairy product popular in much of Continental Europe. It is often translated to English as "curd cheese", or "cottage cheese", which is often viewed as a specific type of quark.

Bugs Edit

  • This runestone has no effect when placed in an upgrade slot, and raises the weapon's level requirement by 1.
  • In the crafting menu, this runestone's weight is listed as 0.01 when it is actually 0.03.

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