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Turn and Face the Strange is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine Expansion. Completing this quest will unlock Mutation abilities - powerful upgrades to Geralt's skills that can also add additional skill slots.

Summary Edit

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Journal entry Edit

If Geralt romanced Triss in the main game:

It was a warm summer evening... or perhaps a cool yet sunny morning? The weather and time are of no import, what matters is that day Geralt received a letter full of kind words from his beloved Triss, who informed him about a most unusual discovery she had recently made. In some old manuscripts she'd found mention of research conducted by a Professor Moreau on witcher mutations. It seemed this professor's workshop could be found in Toussaint. Geralt, realizing the importance of this discovery, decided to find this laboratory. The first step would be to find the professor's journal which, according to Triss, had been buried with him.
Geralt soon discovered not only he wished to find Professor Moreau's laboratory. When the witcher reached the cemetery, he found the professor's grave had been dug up and the journal was nowhere to be found. The only clue he did find was an inscription on a grave mentioning the legendary Dol Naev'de, the Valley of the nine, which had been flooded years before by the Sansretour River. Seeing no other way to find the professor's lab, Geralt decided to search for more information in those sunken ruins.
As unlikely as it sounds, Geralt found the entrance to Professor Moreau's laboratory in the sunken elven ruins of Dol Naev'de. Things seemed to be getting more and more interesting, so the witcher did not hesitate to plunge onward... His path was riddled with traps and other such obstacles, but our brave hero had much experience in running even more difficult gauntlets. Tired in both mind and spirit from his efforts, in the end he made it to the professor's lab.
Searching Professor Moreau's lab gave Geralt a somewhat expanded view of the professor's past and his research. It seemed Moreau's goal had not been to discover how to strengthen the witcher mutations, but just the opposite, how to reverse them, so he could "cure" his son Jerome of being a witcher.
To Geralt's delight, the professor’s plan failed to achieve its desired result. This failure could be of use to the witcher, however, for by mixing the professor’s secret formula into his bloodstream he gained access to a whole range of new mutations. These promised to make him stronger, faster, more resilient – in short, better. Geralt looked forward to putting them to the test in combat.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Search for Moreau's grave at Orlémurs Cemetery using your Witcher Senses.
  • Use your Witcher Senses to look for clues about the location of Professor Moreau's laboratory.
  • Use your Witcher Senses to follow the grave robber's trail.
  • Check the location of Naev'de on the map Yennefer / Triss sent you.
  • Search for the entrance to the professor's laboratory in the flooded ruins of the Valley of the Nine.
  • Search the ruins.
  • Find a way into Professor Moreau's laboratory.
  • Go deeper into the ruins.
  • Find a way to open the doors.
  • Find Professor Moreau's laboratory.
  • Find a path through the portals.
  • Use your Witcher Senses to search the laboratory.
  • [Optional] Find the missing megascope crystals. 0/2
  • [Optional] Place the missing crystals on the pillow. 0/2
  • [Optional] Listen to the additional entries in the professor's audio log. 0/2
  • Acquire mutated giant centipede albumen.
  • Get undressed and activate Moreau's contraption.
  • Leave Professor Moreau's laboratory.

Notes Edit

  • When Geralt talks about the statue and its orientation, he's referring to the giant statue of a hooded figure (not the gargoyle sculptures in the first room).
  • Enter the portal the giant statue faces to clear the puzzle.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of this quest is reference to quote from the song by David Bowie named "Changes".

Videos Edit

Turn and Face the Strange - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 151 - Let's Play Hard42:39

Turn and Face the Strange - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 151 - Let's Play Hard

Turn and Face the Strange on Death March!

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