The Tukaj Foothills (Polish: Pogórze Tukajskie) are a small mountainous region between TemeriaBrugge, Kerack and BrokilonCastle of Rissberg is located in the area. According to local legend, it was named after a legendary hero known as Tukaj. Novel by Andrzej Sapkowski, Season of Storms, is located here.

Notable villages Edit

  • Jaworek (diminutive form of Polish word "Jawor", which means "Sycamore" in English)
  • Suche Skały (Dry Rocks)
  • Płochaczowa Rębnia (Płochacz's Forest Cutting)
  • Dudkowa Rębnia (Dudek's Forest Cutting)
  • Warzelnia (Brewhouse)
  • Dębowiec (Polish word, means "an oaken part of wood"[1])
  • Cisy (Yews)
  • Kabłąki (Arches)
  • Rogowizna (Offal?)[2]
  • Nowa Smolarnia (New Smokehouse)
  • Sośnica (Pine)

Notes Edit

References Edit

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  2. Polish term Rogowizna in the meat industry include horns of cattle, sheep, and goats, bovine hooves and trotters and trotters of cattle, pork, beef hooves, sheep and goats, and horses hooves, so an English term could be "offal".