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CoA from Witcher 3

Trojden, Duke of Redania, was the brother of the king Radovid I known as the Great and later Earl of Kovir. He founded the House of Trojden. As a young man, he was considered to be an extremely well connected, if somewhat of a slippery character. He was jealous and openly displayed his hatred for his brother.

So he was given the title of Earl of Kovir basically to get him out of Redania, and ideally as far away as possible. Officially Trojden was a vassal king of Redania, but he was not obliged to pay tribute, his only obligation was to do "no harm".

Trivia Edit

  • Traidenis- (Polish: Trojden) was the Grand Duke of Lithuania in 1269-1282.
  • Trojden I- Duke of Czersk since 1310, ruler over Warsaw and Liw,regent of Płock,grandson of Traidenis.
  • Trojden II- He was a Duke of Płock, Rawa Mazowiecka, Gostynin, Sochaczew and Belz, grandson of Trojden I.

Kovir and Poviss monarchs
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COA Kovir Poviss

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GemmaAgnes of AedirnBlanka of MalleoreZuleyka
Other members of the Houses Trojden and Thyssen

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