When Geralt presents this item to Everden, the local history buff, he is rewarded with 50 Items Oren and a book about fleders.

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Peregrinations Among Magic Paths and Places
by Buyvid Backhuysen
"From the famous and ancient city of Assengard we made not six hundred furlongs southwards toward the country known as Centloch. Upon gazing down upon this land from the mountains, one sees multiple lakes strewn across the landscape in what seem at once random and artificial patterns. Our guide, the elf Avallac'h, bade us to search among these lakes for a pattern that would resemble the leaf of the trifolium, which we did promptly, discovering the leaf formed not of three lakes, but of four — an oblong pool stretching from south to north forming as if the stem of the leaf. This latter lake, known as Tarn Mira, was surrounded by a black forest, and at its northern tip the mentioned mysterious tower called the Swallow's Tower, or Tor Zireael in the elven tongue, was to have been erected.
Suddenly, by mists enveloped we could see not a thing. I was readying myself to ask the elf Avallac'h about the tower when the guide gave us the sign to be still and spoke thus: "Wait and have hope. And hope will come with the light and the good omen. Look to the limitless waters where the envoys of good news will appear."

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