Tw3 trastamara hunting cottage

Trastamara Hunting Cottage is located in Toussaint and was once the proud estate of the de Trastamara family. However, one evening the baron's daughter, Marlene, was entertaining some friends when she was approached by a beggar with a bowl and a spoon, an old custom that meant she should give him a small meal for the night. She refused, claiming she wouldn't even give him the scraps from her table. In turn, the beggar cursed her, snapped the spoon in half, and left. Soon after, Marlene transformed into a spotted wight and her family, distraught over her transformation, left the cursed estate for Kovir, leaving her behind.

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Amadis de Trastamara obtained this property from Duchess Caroberta in recognition for his service to Toussaint. The ruler's gift came with an unexpected barb, however, for the house turned out to be haunted and, even worse, deep in tax arrears. Trastamara consulted the druids of Caed Myrkvid about his case and was given the following advice: if you cannot reach a deal with the specter, let it be and call it a day.

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