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Journal entry Edit

Transcript of a conversation between Master Ezehiel Hildegrard and a human being
E.H – Who are you?
H.B. – My name is Alex Biscont.
E.H. – Why is all your skin trembling?
H.B. – I'm scared, sir.
E.H. – You're scared? I don't understand.
H.B. – You don't know what fear is, sir?
E.H. – No. I have mastered your language, yet some concepts are beyond me. What is fear?
H.B. – It's a feeling that destroys every other feeling. It controls your head and your heart.
E.H. – What do you mean? I thought it was a kind of pain. I have carried out tests in my laboratory on people and I discovered that a mother subject to appropriate stimuli is able to forget about her child and think only about how to avoid pain. So fear would be similar to pain?
H.B. – No. Pain rules the body, but fear is born in the heart.
E.H. – Oooh yes… What you say is very interesting… I think I will have to examine your heart in the laboratory.
H.B. – What do you mean… examine?
E.H. – I mean examine. Take it out and subject it to a proper examination.
H.B. – But, sir, that would… kill me!
E.H. – Yes, your mortality is a great inconvenience, but was not me who created your species and I am not responsible for its excessive frailty.
The conversation was carried out in human language in such it was written down. The transcription does not need translating.

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