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Tw3 Toussaint Ducal Guard

The Toussaint Ducal Guard is a force serving as both the police of Beauclair and vineyards as well as border guard in the small duchy within Nilfgaardian Empire. Since the duchy is in constant peace with every realm and does not participate in conflicts between Nilfgaardians and Northern Kingdoms, the guard tend to fight against bandit hanses side by side with Knights Errant. The only location that is not protected by the guard is Dun Tynne and suroundings protected by Dun Tynne Guard.

When it comes to safety of important personalities, such as Duchess Anna Henrietta, or completing difficult missions, like attack on the Dun Tynne for example, then Ducal Honor Guard (alternativelly Palace Guard) is summoned under direct command of captain, whose position is held by Damien de la Tour during events of Blood and Wine Expansion.

Equipment Edit

Tw3 Toussaint Ducal Guard in colors of Coronata-2

In terms of accessories of the guard than it kind off varies. One that keep watch in city are usually equiped with standard steel sword and halberd while the ones guarding vineyards are sometimes provided with military crossbow. Than there are palace guardians with beautifully decorated long-swords, a bit different halberds, crossbows and sometime shields.

And after all them there is an execeptionally significant member of guard, the prison executioner. As a brute who is true professional who knows what to do his weapon of choice is double bit axe.

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