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"This is my story, not yours. You must let me finish telling it."
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Torque is a sylvan who lived in the fields of Lower Posada in Dol Blathanna. He tried to help the elves who lived in the Blue Mountains, and had an agreement with them: grain and corn and other agricultural goods, without killing humans. He appeared in the short story The Edge of the World.
"The creature was about half a rod tall with bulging eyes and a goat's horns and beard. The mouth, a soft, busy slit, also brought a chewing goat to mind. Its nether regions were covered with long, thick, dark-red hair right down to the cleft hooves. The devil had a long tail ending in a brush-like tassel which wagged energetically."
- pg. 176, The Last Wish (UK edition)

In The Hexer (Movie and TV series) Edit

The same story is retold in episode 7, "Dolina Kwiatów", of The Hexer TV series. He is portrayed by Lech Dyblik.

Blood and Wine expansion Edit

Depending on Geralt's actions during the secondary quest Big Game Hunter, Count Beledal may comment that he wants to travel through Dol Blathanna on the way home in hopes of seeing a sylvan. Geralt will then mention Torque to the Count, stating the sylvan "can be mean, but for the right fee he'll do anything you ask."

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