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Tomira is the local herbalist of White Orchard. Her hut is surrounded by a garden of herbs. A notice nailed to a tree nearby Willis' forge and the notice board in the main village advises passersby that she will pay top coin for honeycombs and accepts them in large quantities. During Geralt's stay in White Orchard, he met her while planning to bait the griffin with buckthorn, asking her where to find it. 

He can see her taking care of dying young lady Lena by mentioned monster by giving her small doses of beggartick blossom to give her dream in last moments and ease the pain. Tomira was also a dear friend to Claer, now only known as Devil by the Well, from a former village Hovel south of White Orchard. She told him of what happened to her and why she was probably killed. She also describes her life as following:

Description Edit

I studied to become a healer under Mother Nenneke. Hm... I was but eighteen when they took me in. An age at which teachings interest one far less than love. There was a boy - Goslav. He'd bare his chest to work. The novices couldn't keep their eyes off him - tripped over their own feet, dropped things. I left the temple for him. We passed a lovely summer together, and then he left. Nenneke refused to take me back. My parents uttered not a word, gave me a travel cloak and a small coin pouch. I struggled long to find a place where I'd feel safe, needed. Until I finally arrived here. End of story.

Sells Edit

Alchemical formulae and ingredients:

Herbs (type of alchemical ingredients):

Associated quests Edit

Trivia Edit

  • If you speak to her after completing the quest Contract: Devil by the Well and ask her about the woman named Claer, she'll reward you with some Saltpeter as well as other alchemical ingredients. You need this to make three types of bombs. She sells other ingredients required to make Grapeshots and Samums, which you need to destroy monster nests.

Videos Edit

Witcher 3- Meeting Tomira the Herbalist03:42

Witcher 3- Meeting Tomira the Herbalist

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