Titus Glelas was a local fisstech dealer who in 1272, was nearly killed during a deal gone wrong with a priest of the Eternal Fire.

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The priest of the Eternal Fire had been a customer of Titus', buying fisstech off him three times without a hassle. That changed one day though, where the priest decided to silence Titus completely and had his thugs attack him, then left him for dead, hoping the necrophages in the area would kill him.

If Geralt helps the priest: The priest hired Geralt to burn the bodies in the area, claiming that it'd prevent the spread of disease and necrophages. However, at the last area, Geralt found Titus fighting a pack of ghouls and if saved, Titus informed Geralt about what transpired beforehand and then vowed to leave the region quickly, having had his fill of depravity that even a lowly fisstech dealer cannot stand.

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