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Tw3 Tir na Lia
"I'm glad to know you appreciate it. Elven architecture is a bit more sophisticated than yours."
—Avallac'h in response to Geralt's impression

Tir ná Lia is the capital of the world of the Aen Elle and is governed by Auberon Muircetach. The river Easnadh runs through it. According to Ciri, city has look similar to Shaerrawedd.

Prominent residents Edit

Rivers Edit

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

During the third game the capital of The World of Aen Elle appears only once during a main quest. Viceroy, governing instead of Eredin who is constantly in war, during that time is Ge'els who resides in the Palace of Awakening, formerly the Moon Palace, overlooking elven realm.

Associated quest Edit

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