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Below is a timeline of important dates and events in the Witcher saga and video games. The dates in human calendar are counted from the "Resurrection", a mysterious event mentioned in Season of Storms.

Between 2700 BR to 1240 BR Edit

230s BR Edit

1 Edit

  • The Resurrection

760s Edit

  • The necropolis at Fen Carn is created
  • Nordling people arrive in the north of the Continent, human civilizations already present in the south and east of the continent
    • Known as the "First Landing" or "Landing of the Exiles", this event is very important in human history. Humans most likely came ashore at the mouth of the Yaruga and the Pontar Delta. Once on land, Jan Bekker was quick to discover and harness the Force found there and humans set up the first settlement. It took several hundred years for the elves to notice the growing threat posed by the newcomers

781s Edit

  • Marked the final end of Elf rule in Toussaint, the closing of an era that had lasted over one and a half thousand years.

Between 760s and 830s Edit

830s Edit

840 Edit

950s Edit

970s Edit

  • Merchant Gregory is declared a saint after saving Novigrad from a horrible famine by sacrificing half his fortune to import food from Nazair

1060s Edit

  • Aelirenn's Uprising
    • Dilapidation of Shaerrawedd

1085 Edit

1112 Edit

  • The witcher Vesemir is noted as being active in fulfilling the duties of his profession during this year

1113 Edit

1140s Edit

  • King Radovid III, looking for resources to wage war against Aedirn, decides to tax the Appanage of Kovir. The Appanage declares itself as the independent Kingdom of Kovir, resulting in war between the new kingdom and Redania. Despite support from ally Kaedwen, the war ends with Kovir's victory and the First Treaty of Lan Exeter is signed
  • The mage Cregennan is murdered in Foam, Lara Dorren gives birth to their child and dies of exhaustion in the woods near Tretogor. Queen Cerro of Redania adopts the half-elf girl and named her Riannon
    • Lara's death triggers another war between elves and humans, fostering racial tension that continues through the 13th century

1150s Edit

1161 Edit

1170s Edit

  • Outbreak of the Black Death plague in Vizima, Adela dies helping priests in the hospital
  • Amavet is cruelly murdered by Count Roger Kameny and his men
  • Roger Kameny is subjected to torture and torn apart by horses. This incident prompts the Temerian nobility to attempt at rebellion which is suppressed by the intervention of Cidarian forces led by King Liam
  • Coram II and Fiona are married
  • Muriel and Crispin are born

1173 Edit

1178 Edit

1190s Edit

1206 Edit

1211 Edit

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1219 Edit

1232 Edit

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1235 Edit

1237 Edit

1238 Edit

1239 Edit

1240 Edit

1242 Edit

1243 Edit

1245 Edit

  • June-August - events of the Season of Storms novel (according to a year mentioned in the in-novel letters, inconsistent with dates from the Saga)

1246 Edit

1249 Edit

1250 Edit

1251 Edit

  • Unknown time before Season of Storms, the short story "A Shard of Ice" takes place
  • June-August - events of Season of Storms (calculation based on the rest of books)
  • Date given for Ciri's birth year in The Witcher video games

1252 Edit

1253 Edit

1255 Edit

1257 Edit

1262 Edit

1263 Edit

1264 Edit

1265 Edit

  • Date given in the The Witcher computer game for the Battle of Brenna, in novels that was 1268

1267 Edit

1268 Edit

  • Major events in Lady of the Lake take place
  • Red comet, first week of March
  • March, Battle of Brenna takes place
  • The Second Northern War ends
  • 2 April - Peace of Cintra – a peace settlement treaty ending the Nilfgaard wars, is signed
  • 6 or 7 June (date in The Witcher 2, 25 September, is incorrect) – the Rivian Pogrom, Geralt of Rivia is apparently killed by an angry peasant mob, his body is never found. Yennefer of Vengerberg appears to die trying to heal him. The pair were taken by Ciri to a pocket dimension and left there to heal and live their lives in peace.
  • First outbreak of plague

Note: not all events between 1269 and 1275 are considered canon in the Saga. Canon events are bolded.

  • The Wild Hunt tracks down Geralt and Yennefer, abducting the sorceress in order to draw Ciri out of hiding. Geralt follows after them, crossing the boundaries between worlds out of sheer force of will.
  • 13 September – Geralt is at the Ravine of the Hydra, pursuing the Wild Hunt.
  • 23 November – Geralt is at the village of Coldwater in Cintra, pursuing the Wild Hunt.
  • The First Battle of Vergen, death of Seltkirk and Vandergrift, execution of Sabrina Glevissig.

1269 Edit

  • 24 February – Geralt is in the Armush Mountains, pursuing the Wild Hunt.
  • 30 May – Geralt is at the Yaruga River, pursuing the Wild Hunt.
  • 25 July – Geralt first meets Letho in the forests of Angren while pursuing the Wild Hunt in search of Yennefer.
  • The group find the Wild Hunt partying beneath the Hanged Man's Tree. Geralt trades himself for Yennefer, riding with the Wild Hunt for a time.
  • Rainfarn of Attre was the victor of this years knights tourney in Toussaint.

1270 Edit

  • Some time after Geralt starts riding with the Hunt, Ciri reappears and helps him escape. He appears in the forests near Kaer Morhen, half naked and with a case of amnesia.
  • The Witcher computer game takes place, two years after Battle of Brenna.
  • May - On the festival of Belleteyn witcher Geralt of Rivia, until now considered dead, appears near castle Kaer Morhen. He's being pursued by the Wild Hunt, but the sorceress Triss Merigold saves him from the wraiths. Kaer Morhen comes under attack from Salamandra bandits. The organisation's leaders, Azar Javed and the Professor, steal the witchers' secrets, killing young Leo in the process. Geralt starts pursuing them.
  • June - Following the trail of Salamandra bandits, Geralt arrives at the outskirts of Vizima. The witcher gets involved in the locals' dirty little schemes and slays the Beast which has been plaguing them. The witcher continues his investigation in Vizima, with the assistance of Triss and the young medic Shani. Geralt gets acquainted with Yaevin, the commander of the local Scoia'tael insurgent unit, and with Siegfried of Denesle, a knight of the Order of the Flaming Rose.
  • July - The witcher is ambushed by Azar Javed, and ends up licking his wounds at Triss Merigold's house. The sorceress arranges an alliance with powerful representatives of the Lodge of Sorceresses and the Merchant's Guild. Their help allows Geralt to destroy Salamandra's powerbase in the city and kill the Professor. Fleeing the wrath of Salamandra-affiliated Princess Adda, Geralt arrives at the village of Murky Waters. Once there, he gets involved in a conflict between the Scoia'tael and their pursuers – mercenaries serving the Order of the Flaming Rose.
  • August - After making a difficult decision at Murky Waters, Geralt returns to Vizima. The burning city is in chaos. The Order and the Scoia'tael fight in the streets and, to add insult to injury, a deadly striga is prowling the city. The witcher does not give up his pursuit of those who stole the secrets of Kaer Morhen. Azar Javed finally dies at Geralt's hand, and Salamandra is disbanded. Geralt manages to reach the cloister of the Order of the Flaming Rose. The witcher defeats the Grand Master who secretly controlled Salamandra's actions, foiling his mad plan and retrieving the secrets stolen from Kaer Morhen.
  • September - King Foltest rewards Geralt for his help in Vizima. The witcher also foils an assassination attempt on the king. Foltest asks the monster slayer to protect him, until the assassination is investigated.

1271 Edit

  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings takes place.
  • April - The witcher accompanies Foltest in his siege of Castle La Valette. Another assassination attempt takes place there. This time Geralt acts too late to stop the assassin, and the king dies. Geralt gets accused of slaying the king. However the commander of Foltest's special forces, Vernon Roche, helps the witcher to escape up the Pontar river. Geralt begins tracking Foltest's killer. In the town of Flotsam, the witcher meets old friends and makes new enemies. Geralt antagonizes commandant Loredo, and gets involved in the war between the Temerian Special Forces and the Scoia'tael. The kingslayer eludes Geralt, and flees to the Pontar Valley, abducting Triss Merigold in the process.
  • June - The witcher arrives in the Pontar Valley accompanied by either Vernon Roche or the elf Iorveth. His search for the kingslayer is all the harder because of the war between King Henselt and the rebels commanded by Saskia, the Virgin of Aedirn. Geralt helps to resolve the conflict in the Pontar Valley, and discovers that the mysterious assassin was cooperating with the Lodge of Sorceresses.
  • July - The witcher arrives at the ruins of Loc Muinne, just as a grand summit of kings and sorcerers is about to begin there. He finds his foe there, and concludes the tale of the Assassins of Kings. It turns out that the kingslayers were employed by the Empire of Nilfgaard.
  • August - The Empire of Nilfgaard declares war on the Northern Kingdoms.
  • November - Geralt returns to walking the Witcher's Path.
  • At some point, the island of Undvik in Skellige was ravaged by the ice giant Myrhyff, which forced out most of the population, and caused the exile of the remaining members of Clan Tordarroch to Ard Skellig.

1272 Edit

  • Second outbreak of the Catriona plague
  • Beginning of the witch hunts
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt takes place
  • The Nilfgaardian Army quickly takes over the Northern Kingdoms south of the Pontar River. During the winter, Redania crossed the Kestrel Mountains and absorbed Kaedwen. The Temerian Army is destroyed, the remnants going underground and turning to guerrilla tactics. Due to his fierce hatred of Philippa Eilhart, her escape from Loc Muinne, and hatred of magic in general, King Radovid V grants the Church of the Eternal Fire permission to start witch hunts to eradicate any and all magic users throughout the Northern Kingdoms. Redania and Nilfgaard are in a stalemate in Velen, a region of Temeria that is mostly swampland. The criminal underworld of Novigrad is keeping the free city out of the war through a case of mutually assured destruction: the potential riots that would destroy all the docked fleets of ships and empty the city's coffers.
  • May - The war with Nilfgaard obliterated the old order. The North is engulfed in chaos, and marching armies leave a plague of monsters in their wake. Geralt of Rivia once more treads the Witcher's Path. Geralt and Vesemir arrive in the area of White Orchard.


1276 Edit

1290 Edit

1294 Edit

End of the thirteenth century Edit

  • Beginning of climate change

1301 Edit

1309 Edit

1318 Edit

1328 Edit

1331 Edit


1350 Edit

  • the Haak invasion, rumoured to have been predicted by Ithlinne

1373 Edit

1432 Edit

1460 Edit

  • Flourens Delannoy becomes librarian and secretary to the imperial court

1476 Edit

1510 Edit

  • Flourens Delannoy dies
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