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Till Death Do You Part is a quest in the Blood and Wine Expansion.

Journal entry Edit

  • Coming Soon !

Walkthrough Edit

  • Use your witcher senses to find the source of the noise.
  • Return to the cemetery at night.
  • Hide to find out what's making the noises.
  • Take Louis or Margot's urn from the crypt.
  • Taking Margot's urn is rewarded with a yellow sword / Taking Louis' urn is rewarded with Vampire: Bruxa and Barclay Els gwent cards (you will get nothing if you already have both).
  • Return to quest giver, depending on what you tell him, you get more XP or more money.

Trivia When taking Margot's Urn to its destination, reading the graves stones reference Azeroth and Thedas( Reference from World of Warcraft and Dragon Age respectively)

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