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We have but one life, sir, ... You've chosen your way, and we've chosen ours. Both are uncertain and risky. And no one knows what fate will befall any of us.
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- Til Echrade to Stefan Skellen, pg. 416, The Tower of the Swallow

Til Echrade was a fair-haired elf who was hired by Dacre Silifant for Stefan Skellen's gang, with the goal of finding Ciri. He also served as a scout in the Gemmerian Pacifiers. Upon arriving at Tarn Mira, Echrade abandoned Skellen along with Joanna Selborne, Andres Vierny, and Dufficey Kriel, all of whom believed things had gone too far.

He was declared dead by Kenna during her hearing in The High Tribunal of the Eternal Empire in the city of Nilfgaard one year after the events took place, though how he died is unknown.