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Does Geralt have any siblings?

  • I know it's an odd and random question but I always wondered about that. I haven't read the books or played the first two games so I don't really know everything about him. I know what you're thinking. "You played Witcher 3 but not the first two games or read the books?!" Believe me, I would love to play the first two games but I don't really like playing computer games because they tend to lag a lot when I play them on my computer and I often get really confused on which key I'm supposed to use for a certain thing and I only have PS platforms so I don't have an xBox to play the second game on. Maybe at some point, I'll play them. Plus as much as I'm a very good reader, I don't always have the patience to read. That sounds really spoiled and lazy, I know. I'll probably start reading them at some point. Anyways, hopefully you can avoid my laziness and just concentrate on my main question. lol

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    • Geralt was an only child of sorceress Vyssena and her husband (I do not know his name), and there is a story about his origin in the tale "The road of no return". He does not have any blood-related siblings, although he calls Vesemir a father and the fellow witchers-Eskel, Lambert, Koen his brothers. 

      Read the books if you do not like playing games, you'll enjoy it, it won't be a waste of time. In fact, you'll get quite intrested and will want to keep reading, they are not that hefty, on the contrary. :)

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    • I do love playing games. It's just that I don't always like playing computer games cause it's often challenging remembering what keys to use and which ones do which thing.

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    • It's a good excercise. ;)

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    • her husband is speculated to be the warrior korin. his mother didn't want a child and after giving him to the wolf school she would most likely be infertile shortly after.(witches go infertile over time if they use magic too much)

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    • A Fandom user
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