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Best cast crew for the Witcher movie

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    Triss Merigold(Vittoria Puccini)

    Who would you like to see in the new Witcher movie?

    Vittoria Puccini(Triss Merigold)


    Natalie Dormer(Yennefer of Vengerberg)

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    • Tumblr m91ykgGl6o1qlll6ko1 500

      Pavetta of Cintra(Pillars of the Earth)

      2007 stardust 102

      Michelle Pfeiffer(Margeritha Leux-Antilles)


      Charlize Theron(Queen Calanthe of Cintra)

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    • Mummy-van-helsing-reboots

      Hugh Jackman(Geralt of Rivia)

      Main image-35409

      Stefan Skellen(Stardust)


      King Foltest of Temeria(Ironclad 2)

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    • King-Arthur-movie-01

      Clive Owen(Kahir)


      Philippa Eilehart(Merlin BBC)


      Dakota Fanning(Cirilla of Cintra)


      Asire var Anahidd(Magnificent century)

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    • Morgaine-and-Morgause-the-mists-of-avalon-32190548-500-607

      Duchess Anne Henriette and her sorceress advisor Fringuilla Vigot(The mists of Avalon)


      Pary of Stefan Skellen


      Milva the Archer(Keira Knightley)

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    • Vanozza redgold1

      Queen Meve of Lyria and Rivia

      Ursula Bonadeo

      Francesca Findabaier-Ennyd aen Gleanna(Ruta Gedmintas)

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    • just no

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    • Why not?

      Would you explain the argument?

      These are all accredited and appreciated actors, they would suit.

      Have any suggestions on who should play? Post a picture, I would gladly welcome more comments :)))

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    • Go on folks, comment. Wouldn't you like to see The Witcher on the bog screen? :)))

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    • Big screen

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    • Geralt - Viggo Mortensen (with the look of the games)

      Yennefer - Marion Cotillard

      Ciri - AnnaSophia Robb (just like in the Reaping)

      Dandelion - Paul Bettany

      Triss - Erica Leerhsen

      Philipa - Carrie-Anne Moss

      Cahir - Ryan Gosling (the dark version from Stay)

      Regis - Johnny Depp (because of his sinister smile)

      Milva - Keira Knighley

      I know it's much too enthusiastic, but that's how I imagine the characters while reading the books

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    • SORCERESS70 wrote:
      Go on folks, comment. Wouldn't you like to see The Witcher on the bog screen? :)))


      Wiedzmin plakat

      Not made like this, please :P

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    • Not made like this, please :P

      NOOOOO, not at all made like that. What about the cast? Any ideas?

      To the wikia contributor, the choice for Ciri and Geralt is waaay better than mine, even though Hugh Jackman is a certified badass who can portray the complexity of Geralt's character on big screen. Mortensen has more a good guy face, but nevertheless, he would make a great Geralt.

      No words for Ciri character, kudos! ;)

      Ask for Yennefer and Triss... I believe Puccini and Dormer would make a better job, or even Caitriona Balfe as Yennefer (JUST like in Outlander!)

      Gossling, Bettany, Depp and Kneightley-great choices!

      Oscar for the choice of that actress you posted as Philippa...:)


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    • And Vilgefortz of course, we forgot the chief villain. Who better than Michael Vincott, just like in the Crow (1995)

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    • Damn, Vincott is such a great choice? Shame on me for not thinking about that one!

      Thank you! really glad you liked my list.

      I would be totally happy with your choice for Triss and Yen in a movie too!

      But I also stick with Marion Cotillard :)

      By the way, I find it still hard to picture Dijkstra...

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    • Marion Cottilard could also be Fringilla Vigot, just with black hair :)

      Anna Sophia Robb, with her evergreen youthful look, could be Ciri in her younger age, and Dakota Fanning Ciri in her teenage days.

      I too find it hard to picture the best actor for Dijkstra...

      What about Emhyr? And other villains? Stefan Skellen? Leo Bonhart? Rience? Kena the empathe?

      And the Rats-Giselher, Mistle, Kayley, Ase, Riff and Enievedien? Yareey of Ellander and mother Neneke? Priestess Siegridrife of Skellige? Foltiyarna? Crach aen Krajte? Every idea is welcome :)

      Tywin Lannister actor portrayed the voice of emperor Emhyr var Emreis in the game Witcher 3, so in my opinion he would be a great Emhyr, just with black hair, just like in the game.

      And have any of you ever seen the TV show Magnificent Century (Muhtesem Yuzyil in Turkish)? About the Ottoman empire? The real life game of thrones, and Victoria from Magnificent century is how I imagine Asire var Anahid mentioned above.

      Here is our Emhyr:

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    • Kinda torn between the two sexiest actors (from a fe

      The eternal Hugh as Geralt

      male point of view ;) ) Only Mortensen would have 

      Viggo Mortensen (Geralt of Rivia)

      Viggo Mortensen-PPF-008040

      Viggo for Geralt character

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    • to wear light brown eye lenses, and both with light blonde hair

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    • Queen Ravenna World Collapsing02:08

      Queen Ravenna World Collapsing

      The Lioness of Cintra, Calanthe
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    • The Crow (1994) - Top Dollar monologue02:54

      The Crow (1994) - Top Dollar monologue.avi

      Goosebumps on each of Vincott's performances ... :)
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    • Or maybe even Mc Shane wouldn't be bad 
      The Pillars of the Earth - Blasphemous01:23

      The Pillars of the Earth - Blasphemous

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    • New Outlander Trailer "Love Forces a Person to Choose"01:57

      New Outlander Trailer "Love Forces a Person to Choose"

      Caitriona Balfe as Yennefer and Sam Hugan as Crach aen Krajte
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    • You all forget that Vilgefortz was a REALLY handsome man with an appearance of a 35y old. That handsome so it was visible even when he was walking beside Enid an Gleanna(I don't know english names). He was tall, strongly built...picture someone like Chris Hemsworth. 

      I'd like to throw Mads Mikkelsen in as Geralt although I have to admit that Jackman is pretty badass.

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    • I personally would want the movie to be like Beowolf i.e fully CGI (possibly using W3 models) In the opening cinematic and the 'a night to remember trailer' Geralt and Yennefer look really great and believable. I just can't see any actual actors as either of them anymore.

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    • Yeah, Mikkelsen's damn good, but more as an Eskel or Coen than Geralt. Still a great choice!
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    • And since Vilgefortz was pretty handsome before the accident with his eye, I believe that the choice for Vilgefortz by us fans would be Vincott then, right? McShane could be Artois Terranova. Vincott is both handsome and has that dark aura appearence, diplomatic smile and evil intentions-all the features an actor should portray on the screen in order to perform good as Vilgefortz. For me, Hemsworth is more like a substitute for Geralt. I'll upload a video of mine afterwards, hope you all enjoy it!

      To reply to VARGR, as much as the games are good, the book and the movie is always better. What of all those people who are not skilled at playing games, or have very little time for reading the books (there are eight books including Seasons of Storms), and expect a blockbuster to add some art in their lives, and are just robbed of the great Geralt and Ciri's story? And also, a movie is a syncretism of all the six arts, a great masterpiece of music, pictures, movement, drama and literature. What you can portray in a movie cannot be experienced through music, book or a game. Much as I appreciate anime as an art form,especially in the opening cinematic and a night to remember trailer, adding a human element through real actors portraying all the human emotions that are in the Witcher series would be just that-a masterpiece. And could also be pleasant for the history lovers! Still, appreciate every opinion! To contribute to your answer, I believe the director of Beowulf or Ridley Scott should direct and produce the movie.

      Could you all post pictures of actors to make the page more lively! ;) or videos

      Who for Margeritha Leux-Antilles, Michelle Pfeiffer:
      Stardust 2007 1600x1200 880541
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    • Or that actress from the White Queen mini series, the british one:

      Margeritha Leux-Antilles and Tisaia de Friese (The White Queen)
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    • If you want to see a debut video of mine, just give kudos to this message.

      Not my fault should you not like the video, it's just how I imagined Ciri's and Geralt's need for each other.

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    • Terranova was a little, fat and kind of ugly man. Think Danny DeVito "at the height of his powers". Marguerita Leux-Antilles had a beautiful body (as Ciri witnessed in that baths)...

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    • Ok, I just want McShane in the movie, being Dethmold, Drithelm or whatever. Michelle Pfeiffer has a beautiful body, and is blond and sexy, just like in the books.

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    • We should think of all the actresses for the Lodge od sorceresses. <3

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    • I've always imagined Francesca Findabair like Gisele Bundchen (the supermodel). She has those germanic/nordic facial lines and she is freakishly, almost scarily beautiful. Not sure what actress looks even remotely close...

      Alicia Wikander would be my pick as Triss (can't upload photos without an account).

      Morena Baccarin(she played Brodys wife in Homeland series) is my pick as Fringilla.

      Monica Belucci (think Matrix times) as Filippa Eilhart...

      Pretty sure I'd like Charlize Theron there...not sure who she would play.

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    • We agreed that Charlize Theron would play Queen Calanthe of Cintre-Lioness of Cintra, right? ;) ;) ;)

      Belucci is too beautiful for Philippa...Not saying Philippa ain't beautiful, but she has that Dita von Tise sophisticated kind of beauty, and much more dominance and intimidation than the true femininity of Monica Belucci.

      Baccarin is a great choice, only she would have to wear green eye contacts.

      Alicia Wikander...This is how is Triss actually portrayed in the books, with a girlish look and a naive smile, with light brown hair with a warm, and not red tone like in the games. Good, but Vittoria Puccini is much more sexier. (just my opinion)

      And Triss is from Maribor. Maribor is a city, a medieval venetian fortress in today's northern Slovenia ( Mediterranean to Central Europe). If she originates from Maribor, she must have some Italian blood in her veins, explaining her feistiness and passion, as well as goldish hair tone and tiny built. ;) :D

      Why don't you create an account? It's free and enables you to post pictures and videos. Just have to tell them your e-mail.

      Btw, thanks for the activity, it's a real change discussing this topic with someone sharing my interests and appreciation of arts, and someone smart enough to actually have an opinion, and not just stick with that they have given us to swallow. What of Margueritta? Pfeiffer or Rebecca Ferguson posted above?


      Triss Merigold as you see her


      Fringilla Vigot

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    • And you all simply have to see Muhtesem Yuzyil (Magnificent century!). Some of my Turkish friends suggest Meryem Uzerli from the series for Triss, and the actress I chose for Asyre var Anahydd posted in my second post is in the series. It is in Turkish and has some 300 episodes or more, but is a great historical adaptation of the life of the sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. You have it on youtube, just type with english translation.

      Here's Meryem, the choice of our Turkish friends who read the Witcher for Triss. Meryem is a natural redhead.
      Fft64 mf1480864
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    • Also suggest Merve Bolugur as Sabrina Glevissig, being that she is also dark haired, (in the books, not in the games, in the games directors have that freedom to imagine characters as he sees them and how the players would be best attracted to them, and almost never follow the books, which is a shame in my opinion) not sure what complexion and eye colour. She is also of Italian descent :)


      Merve Bolugur from Magnificent century

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    • And agree, it's quite hard to imagine Francesca Findabair anyway, except Giselle Bundchen, and she ain't actress. We'll just have to stick with the fantasy anime for Margetha of the Valley,till the actress half as beautiful appears.
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    • William Hamleigh and Aliena - The other Boleyn girl trailer02:32

      William Hamleigh and Aliena - The other Boleyn girl trailer

      Skye Lourie as Pavetta of Cintra, the blond one.

      Could anyone explain to me how come Pavetta of Cintra is a fifteen year old girl already pregnant with Ciri in The Last Wish,

      and is with Duny, e.g. Emhyr who is like 20 or more years older than her? And Calanthe allowed this? I know that in the middle ages girls were married at a very young age since they believed the younger the better for bearing children, which was a postulate for royalty and aristocracy to secure their blood lines. Still, doesn't it seem like too much, especially since Tywin Lannister actor from Game of Thrones portrays Emhyr in the games, and as much as he is a hot badass in a way, he is too old to be Ciri's father?

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    • The Tywin Lannister actor is a very, very poor choice for Emhyr. First of all he was not that much older from Pavetta - guessing around 20y old meaning he is like 35 ish in the main saga and second of all he had thick BLACK hair. 

      My pick for Emhyr would be Christian Bale without hesitation. 

      Pavetta was Calanthes daughter and Calanthe, daughter of Adalia, daughter of Muriel the Fair - who was essentially a slut. So a 1) very hot blood running in their veins, 2) Aen hen Ichaer has something to do with it too - the "Old blood gene" (I don't know the english names) and lastly 3) Calanthe wanted to reign supreme in Cintra but as a women it was not allowed. Time was running out for her because the court was expeccting her to wed Pavetta with someone strong who would protect Cintra from Nilfgaard. She arranged a morganatic marriage(of unequal social standing, wchich prevents the passage of the titles and privileges to the married one and any children born of that marriage)with a "drifter" from south so she could marry someone and try to give birth to a son who would inherit rights to rule Cintra with her as a Queen mother. That plan did not work out as she was unable to carry another child. Marriage in that age was nothing unusual (15y old was sometimes too late) and Pavetta was pregnant even before the marriage..

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    • Yeah, in the Last Wish it says that she knew Emhyr carnally one year before her 15th birthday, so she was actually pregnant at fourteen years of age. 

      Got it. Thanks very much! ;) (being a history scholar, love that you explain the terms you mention)

      My choice Christian Bale too. But when reading the books, I imagine Emhyr more like Luke Evans from Dracula untold.
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    • Have you seen my other posts?

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    • Luke Evans is a solid choice. My bad I always forget his name somehow. Good actor tho...

      I've seen your other posts. All pretty good options but I somehow always imagined sorcereses insanely top notch women. I'm not sure those ladies qualify. Let's say their acting qualities should be a priority.

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    • Francesca Findabair
      Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 04.59.45

      Enid an Gleanna

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    • Plus I guess Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels would be a killer Geralt. His acting packs some punch...

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    • Joooohan wrote:
      Plus I guess Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels would be a killer Geralt. His acting packs some punch...

      Oooh, Anson Mount is the hottest of the hotties (girl writing!) ;) Number one choice, or maybe after Hugh Jackman, but with brown contacts.

      Sorceresses are not astonishingly, fantastically beautiful women. Fantastically beautiful is Aenyd aen Gleanna, and she is an Aen Saevherne elf, and also doesn't have that erotic and warm beauty, but more angelic like, distant, cold and remote. Sorceresses are human women who become sorceresses due to the fact that the likelyhood of them finding good husbands and be married off were equal zero. That is why a sorceress would only become somewhat ugly and perhaps even mishapen girl( like Yennefer, who was hunchback and tried to kill herself before entering the dark arts world) who, after years of struggles and struggles with science and rough discipline, before being accepted in the guild of sorceresses and mages, due to the reputation of the profession and the meaning and significance of the profession to the society (many of them, like Marty Sodergren are healers, teachers, help apotecaries in towns and even advise kings) are going through the process of transfiguring their ugly and deformed parts by magic into something pleasant to the eye. They are semi beautiful girls, some of a very low social status, who after completing their training are transformed by magic (which is very painful) into fake beautiful women, without the beauty inside and natural content the naturally beautiful women possess. Instead, they just make themselves beautiful by taking care of themselves, their line, and are transformed by magic (even magic can't work wonders), with make-up, attitude and a lot of hairdressing, corsets, high-heels etc. Instead of love and content, they possess deviousness and intimidating matriarchal femininity inside them, as any witch, which many men are naturally attracted to (Why men like bitches?, lol ;D). Sure comparing to the other men and women in the middle ages they are marvellously hot, but no dolls. Aenyd aen Gleanna is a different story, but she is a high elf.

      They also have the ability to slow down the aging process into the age of their choice, and most of them look like in their thirties, whereas they are actaully almost hundred years old (Yennefer is 94 in The Swallows tower). In a semi beatiful woman, look for the deeply hidden devious look in their eyes (you can never change the look in your eyes) and that is a sorceress. That's the reason I chose Natalie Dormer and Caitriona Balfe for Yennefer.

      As for their attractiveness, if a woman possesses an erotic poise and the right temper and sexual power, men are of course drawn to that (Correct me if I am wrong, sure you have many examples of this in the real life as well ;))

      If you want to be beautiful, you gotta work for it, and even put up with painful processes. :)

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    • All right. Point taken and I agree with everything :) Plus in some of the novels, Yennefer was depicted by no means beautiful(with some body defects magically healed/concieved), but extremely interesting, seductive and sexually direct which supports Your theory. On top of that they use tons of glamarye, magic and expensive clothes/jewellery to look the way they do. 

      Just one thing: Francesca Findabair is an elf, not an Aen Saevherne. Ida Emean is the first Aen Saevherne some(?) members of the Lodge ever met, which means Francesca is not one. They are not that many - I only recall four(if my memory serves me well): Ida Emean aep Sivney, Avallac'h, Auberon Muircetach and Lara Dorren.

      I guess we can agree on Anson Mount, right? I think he is hot as hell and I'm a straight guy. Just has this dangerous yet intriguing look in his eyes - like Geralt on that Thanned mague ball where almost every sorceress got a bit wet just by looking at him (sorry for my bad language, watching some Californication lately...rubs off on me :P)

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    • Hahahah, I love Californication, and am a straight girl. Again, Anson Mount is more than hot, he is the god of hot, or something like that. Yes, yes we agree on that. Ans he has a sexy voice which is the most attractive feature in men by women, and that actor in the game has sexy voice too.

      Francesca mentions at one point that her father was Aen Saevherne, but he renounces her as a daughter when she agrees to serve as a mage for the human queen Rianon. I meant she has one part of old elven Aen Saevherne blood in her veins, and not that she possesses the knowledge of Aen Saevherne-I doubt that a father who renounces his daughter would share any knowledge with her.

      Sorceresses are temperament and easily orgasmic women, despite their age. ;)  And are living humans after all, and the fact that she can steal a man away from her friend is attractive to them too, being the dominant female seducers and causing jealusy in other women. Women's world is full of envy and is complicated, despite the obvious good relations with kissing and saluting, sorceresses hardly ever have friends, just interests, and are somewhat lonely. One of the prices they pay for their position and abilities, including infertility. :(

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    • And also have the idea for Rience, more persuasive Cahir and the prince Tankred of Kovirr and his father the king, forgot his name, the one Dijkstra speaks with about the economic support, the king of Kovirr. Sile de Tankarville at one point orders Ciri to seduce Tankred and serve the lodge.

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    • Esterad Thyssen. Nice choice. In the saga, Tankred was mentioned only in passing as a royal troublemaker. I like Your choice, though :)

      I will try and upload my picks on that matter, shortly.

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    • Upper, king and prince of Kovirr Tankred-Donald Sutherland and Selim from Magnificent Century.

      Here, Cahir( Pillars of the Earth Richard) and Rience (Pillars of the Earth Remigius).
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    • Rience:

      Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 23.29.31


      Tom Hiddlestone
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    • Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 23.37.37


      Henry Cavill - Vilgefortz

      Strongly built, handsome as hell and beautiful voice.

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    • Ooooh, good choices. <3

      For Rience, is that Loky from Thor? ;)

      Cavill is good for Vilgefortz, and has shown his ability to portray shemmeing and traitorous characters as he was in The Tudors. Picture Cavill with longer hair, facial stubble and a long black robe, next to Remigius from Pillars of the Earth as Rience and Hugh Jackman as Geralt.

      Anson Mount I picture next to Michael Vincott and that actor you posted as Rience next to them. When choosing the cast, you have to balance it depending on each actors' strength and how they look aestetically next to each other.

      And yeah, Tankred is a royal troublemaker, as is Selim in the Magnificent Century ( some 300th episode, but the show really kicks ass).

      How do I upload videos from my own computer?

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    • Yes, its Loki. 

      I second Your opinion of balancing the cast accordingly. Cast and chemistry between is what makes the movie tick.

      Pictures - You need to download them to Your own computer and then upload them via options below the "response box".

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    • Yeah, but I cannot upload videos?

      It's a shame that my directing abilities will never be seen on this forum then though...

      As a woman, sorceress xaxaxa I love when you second all my opinions. Just kidding, I second your opps too..

      Seen the trailer for '"Magnificent Century"? And do you believe the astrologers can really track the persons whereabouts? I imagine the astrologer Xartisius somewhat like the hermit from Prince of Persia, but I cannot imagine neither him nor Visogotha of Corvoe ( Hope you can aid in this with some ideas on the cast!).

      And many suggest Emilia Clarke for Ciri due to the same hair color of Daenerys Targaryen and Ciri in the game W3, when her hair is already grey from stress. In the book, in the Lady of the Lake precisely, when she meets Geralt she has only one grey line in the hair, not entirely silver hair, but usual blonde...What do you think? With the scar and shorter hair? 
      Terminator Genesis 40700
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    • Since both you and I are all out of ideas for the cast, and seemed to have agreed on the most, I suggest a new topic for discussion, which is the level of sexual tension between Ciri and Geralt and how much should it be portrayed in the movie? Platonic love as much as in the movie A girl with a pearl earring? Something maybe prevailing the general tutor/adopted kid relationship? Or is the bond just simply too strong that it is interpreted as a sexual tension? Curious to hear what ye all think about this....

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    • Hi. Not out of ideas, just a bit busy to download and upload. 

      As for the sexual tension - my take is that there is NONE (I've only read the books, played nothing of games). Geralt only loved one woman - Yennefer despite bedding a few here and there. Geralt and Ciri have a father/kid relationship, Ciri calls him father and Yennefer mother. 

      Only sexual tension Ciri experiences in the saga is with Jarre back in Melitele temple + with Hjalmar - son of Crach an Craite earl of Skellige (juvenile stuff), her lesbian escapade with Mistle in that "Rat company", with Hotsporn (Rats "informant" who died on her breasts) and lastly with Galahad in "The Lady of the lake". 

      We could count in Cahir and his openly declared love + his "sexual dreams" about Ciri but they met only for a matter of minutes.

      So no - I would not call Ciri - Geralt relationship by any different than father - daughter one.

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    • I don't like Emilia Clarke as Ciri though. I just don't :)

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    • Joooohan wrote:
      I don't like Emilia Clarke as Ciri though. I just don't :)

      If the games were made into a movie, I could picture her as Saskia. That's who I picture whenever I hear Saskia's voice.

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    • I don't recall Saskia from the books (prolly she does not even feature there) and I didn't play the games, so I'm not in postition to comment on that.

      I think that if books are made into movies/series script writers will be having quite easy time doing so. The books are that good (way easier to transfer into a movie than Game of Thrones).

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    • Joooohan wrote:
      I don't recall Saskia from the books (prolly she does not even feature there) and I didn't play the games, so I'm not in postition to comment on that.

      I think that if books are made into movies/series script writers will be having quite easy time doing so. The books are that good (way easier to transfer into a movie than Game of Thrones).

      Yes, the books are great, especially the first two written in the form of a novellas-short teathrical stories, and every literature student or anyone who studied literature at college or school as a minor knows that novellas are very good for transferring into a movie, for they are written as a screenplay.

      I myself am more of a book worm than a game girl, but I've seen the trailer for the games and few cutscenes from them.

      Yeah, there are many better options for Ciri than Emilia Clarke. Is Saskia a character from the games? What is her role? (feeling curious ;))

      As for Ciri's sexuality, she had also attempted sexual experience with Auberon Muireketach, the elven king, even though he presented himself as somewhat impotent, I think she was very attractive to him despite the scar, for which she thinks is making her much less attractive, and also Avallac'h liked her in a way for her resemblence to Lara Dorren, his long lost love, but would never admit it to himself since he pledged to himself that the only woman he would ever love is Lara. And Eredin Break Glaess, who believes that she wants him not admitting his own sexual desire towards the wild and rebellious Cirilla, the true warm-blooded daughter of Pavetta, Calanthe, Muriel the Fair (at one point queen Meve of Lyria says she remembers Calanthe in her younger age, and that she was very feisty and sexually potent). I always kind of imagined that Ciri would return to Yarrey of Ellander (I don't know the Polish names), since he kept loving her till the end, even when his hair was grey and had already grandchildren, but blah, what can you do ;)?

      Many find the base for conducting sexual nature of the Geralt/Ciri relationship at the time when Yennefer first arrived to Ellander to meet Ciri, and sees her as her rival for Geralt's love.

      But hey, sorceresses, especially Yennefer, and that old women in general, are jealous of everything and everyone and very possessive towards men they deem as their own. Perhaps it is in the way that Geralt talks about Ciri and needs her that is confusing others around him, for he talks with such love that even Milva thought that Ciri was actually Geralt's paramour! lol

      I find ambassador Schillard Fitz-Oesterlen one of the most intriguing characters, as well as the general Meno Kuhorn, and the guerille fighter elf Foltiyarna. Any ideas for them? Can't imagine any suitable actor...

      And how to call more people into discussion?

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    • Kate Beckinsale as Yennefer and Jim Caviezel as Geralt

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    • SORCERESS70 wrote:

      Yeah, there are many better options for Ciri than Emilia Clarke. Is Saskia a character from the games? What is her role? (feeling curious ;))

      Yes, Saskia is a game-only character. She is an honorable rebel leader of elves, dwarves, and peasants of Upper Aedirn, and leads a movement to allow Upper Aedirn to become an independent state. Oh, and she's also secretly a dragon.

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    • How a dragon? Like Borkh " The three ravens"?

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    • wrote:
      Kate Beckinsale as Yennefer and Jim Caviezel as Geralt

      Great, but both too beautiful for Yennefer and Geralt, especially Jim Caviezel. I know it's a fantasy, but making it more real, like real middle-age thing is the directing, maybe even dark as The Black Death with Sean Bean. Kate as a beautiful Skellige priestess Siegrdrieffe, with her norse/germanic lines and the great performance in Van Helsing. Not saying it's bad, it's a really, reaally great choice, but perhaps tooo great, with Caviezel looking like an underwear

      What of Caviezel as Jan Natalis, just don't remember how Sapkowski portrayed him, as plain or beautiful?

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    • Magic713 wrote:

      Yes, Saskia is a game-only character. She is an honorable rebel leader of elves, dwarves, and peasants of Upper Aedirn, and leads a movement to allow Upper Aedirn to become an independent state. Oh, and she's also secretly a dragon.

      Seeing that you have posted the moon as a profile picture, just a little digression here. One of the other ways to determine if a girl (or a boy later) has the magic abilities of a mage (in the medieval slavic lands, Silesia, Slovakia, Duchy of Czechia, Moravia-Serbia, Galizia and among all the Slavic tribes), witch etc. besides looking for deviousness in eyes and too much faked beauty in a grown woman, was to calculate in the birth chart of an infant (no matter if it was disfigured or not) which moon phase were they born under. Were they born under the last moon phase on the new, otherwise known as "the dark moon" or "the new moon" they were destined to become witches after the official adulthood, 18, 16 or something. In some rural parts of Eastern Europe this is still a custom amongst the superficial peasants, although they hide it. Sorry for bothering, just had to mention ;)

      And the last, but certainly not least member of the Lodge of Sorceresses, as portrayed in the books only, Sile de Tankarville (Eva Green)
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    • SORCERESS70 wrote:
      How a dragon? Like Borkh " The three ravens"?

      She's actually Borch's daughter.

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    • Really? That's a fun one. Didn't know he had any children....

      Seen my other posts? Comment? Or is it too much too read? ;D

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    • Siegrdrieffe was not Kate Beckinsale beautiful. 

      As cited from the book: she was tall, almost as tall as Earl Crach an Craite, with fair hair and long, not very pretty and not very womanly face.

      Beckinsale would be my dream Yennefer (visually speaking)

      Thanks for the completion of Ciri's sexual adventures. Last book kind of slipped my mind (Auberon, Eredin). Avallac'h is kind of projecting his platonic love for Lara Dorren into Ciri but he is well aware of those huge differences, I think.

      Maybe Saskia is that small dragon that Borch was defending in the novel...nice going, maybe I'll check out the time.

      I was imagining Sheala de Tancarville as the oldest (so to speak) of "human" sorceresses. Eva Green is a wonderfull actress capable of displaying deep and intense emotions (and magic/occultism). She is magnificent in Penny Dreadful series. Deffo a sorceress material, maybe even Yennefer herself?

      I wonder why someone like Jan Natalis caught Your attention. I recall only one mention of him in the Lady of the lake book (battle at Brenna). Fitz-Oesterlen is really not that interesting. He is a wonderful diplomat but nothing else. Looks quite stunned when he is ordered to "fake" surrender at those peace talks in Cintra and even more surprised when the new "Stefan Skellen" reveals to him, that Emhyr is co-operating with some "freemasonish"/elitarian business order back in Nilfgaard. Not that interesting for me.

      P.S.: Do You come from some slavic country? (Just asking. I sure do :)

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    • Fine, since you are kind of obsessed with beauty, then Kate Beckinsale is the dreamy Yennefer and Olga Kurylenko Triss Merigold, and Henry Cavill Vilgefortz, and Monica Bellucci Philippa Eilehart, and Jim Caviezel Geralt. Might as well choose Angelina Jolie for Yennefer and Brad Pitt for Geralt, but that's exaggarating, just kidding.. of course, beauty is a relative opinion, it is your right to imagine them as godly beautiful (these actors certainly are ;) )

      But wouldn't too much beauty spoil the potential movie, making it too fantastic and kind of superficial? Even in the Game of Thrones and LOTR actors are not insanely beautiful ( for example for Cersei many would suggest Charlize Theron, but instead there is Lena Headey, half less attractive, but with great and proven acting abilities). It's ok of course, though I always imagined it kinda dark like The Black Death, where the most beautiful woman if any, is Melisandre from GOT, and The Pillars of the Earth, The White Queen, GOT where the most beautiful woman is Lena Headey... A fantasy in a real middle-age background and scene making...

      Siegerdriffe-could you imagine her as Anjelica Huston from The Mists of Avalon?

      If Saskia is really Borch's little dragon, I would sure like to see her, especially with some story evolving around her in a classical Sapkowski manner.

      Glad you like Eva Green. I imagine her as Sile (is this the correct spelling, or is it a French name? In the English version of the book it is spelled as Sile, perhaps it is not correct, but never mind) as she is mature, mystical, with a very obvious occult aura around her, could portray malice and is strict in clothing, jewelery and promiscuity, unlike other sorceresses. Then again, she is the oldest, so her strictness and maturity would sure prevail over others', though it doesn't seem so for she, as others, displays herself as an attractive young woman. She was kind of like that in the King Arthur series where she played Morrigan, Morgaine, whatever.

      All the participants of Battle at Brenna caught my attention, as well as Natalis, Adam "Adieu" Pangratte, Julia Abatemarco, count Daniel Echevery, and Meno Kuhorn. I find the description very alluring especially told through Yareey's eyes and through the eyes of the healers (including Marty Sodergren, didn't have any idea for her). I imagine the great Battle at Brenna somewhat like in LOTR, where the battle itself would be half of the movie, but that's just me. All of their destinies caught my attention, not forgetting Rayla of Lyria.

      Oesterlen is not just a great diplomat, but a very skilled manipulator, a riant spy, with the knowledge of law and latin language (though classical aristocratic education at the time). Although these are all features of a diplomat, besides being a servant to Emhyr, he is first of all a skilled aristocrat who would stop at nothing as to keep his own position in every power struggle and every change of regime. When he plays surprised, he is actually acting, as too he is on the just side, would say something like "Outrageous!" for Skellen's actions, though he himself would betray Emhyr were he to calculate it as the best option for his own position and titles-he is a baron as I recall. Nobody really knows what he is up to, though Emhyr trusts him completely, he is a two-faced agent, somewhat like Varys from GOT, but dressed in an educated aristocrat. Just saying, he caught my attention. There is a trailer from the game W2 (told you I've seen only trailers) which describes the events after the battle at Brenna when the Ciri already inhabits another world with Galahad) where Oesterlen subtly and tactically asks Geralt to spy for him. See here:

      P.S. From which slavic country do you come from? Are you of slavic descent or living there? (sorry if making myself an aggressive communicator, you intriguied me now). Sure liked my description of Slavic customs, right? (if you don't want to answer, can I guess where you are from :) :) :) ??? ) 

      The Witcher 2 - PC - World of The Witcher03:23

      The Witcher 2 - PC - World of The Witcher

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    • Just a short reply: I am of full slavic descent (meaning both sides of my family have slavic ancestry, although a bit mingled with expected in those parts of europe) and since I love playing, I'll let You guess (answering only yes/no questions). It will be our little subplot, what say You? :)

      I agree - and I have stated it already - that acting abilities and optimal casting is of utmost importance (as proven in GoT) in order to succeed. Therefore my "dream" beautiful options for sorceresses is a bit pointless in that matter. 

      In fact I like Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell in GoT) as Yennefer (picture is somewhere "up" already) - she is quite perfect choice for that character and Anson Mount as Geralt. Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister) could play Fenn - Codhringers "assiociate", although its a minor gig.

      Truth to be told I did not like the fifth book (Lady of the Lake) after my first reading. I was eager to find out Ciri/Bonhart/Yennefer/Vilgefortz plots and other stuff simply did not interest me at the time. After second/third reading I consider fifth book to be the BEST piece of the saga. Simply perfect writing, tons of emotions (I almost dropped a tear when Jarre tried to describe some parts of the battle) - genius. All I wanted to say is that I understand Your fascination. 

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    • Hey, agree with everything you say. Also like Peter Dinklage as Fenn-kudos!

      Yeah, I understand how it can be addictive to find out the major plot. Experienced that while reading the GOT saga, where I skipped some parts to find out about Daenerys and Tyrion, whose plot was the most interesting in the, correct me if I am wrong, second, third and fifth book.

      And I love war movies and literature, not unlike many fans of historical and epic fantasy art.

      While literary theorists deny the artistic value of both GOT and The Witcher sagas, they do agree that the description of Battle at Brenna is one of the best battle descriptions in contemporary literature, being epic fantasy or not. (not enough to say I disagree, can't all be Dostoyevski, right?)

      Natalie Dormer+Anson Mount+Vittoria Puccini/Alicia Wikander+Peter Dinklage+Henry Cavill+Gary Oldman as Leo Bonhart. What of two-faced Oesterlen? Maybe Ian McShane (similar voice to Oesterlen in the game trailer)?

      About the digression about slavic customs, you can in fact calculate your moon phase via the online calculator. Even if you are of slavic descent, I don't expect you to be nerdy about any culture and ethnology, were it your own or not, but the slavs had many strange customs in the middle ages, like believing that a too hairy man was a werewolf, stabbing a person's heart after it died to prevent it from becoming a vampire etc. but perhaps you are familiar with all this...

      Now the guess. Poland?

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    • Unfortunately I did not warm into GoT literature. Read up to third book and then gave up. I was in final years of my university studies which involved tons of reading themselves and I did not have the capacity to push myself through another "reading" that had not seized my imagination even after long trial. But...the jury is still out and I'll give it another shot once the saga is complete.

      I found Jons and Brans storyline the most interesting (I like north/winter/cold/snow/wolves etc) and I still believe that whitewalkers are the ones to beat (might be wrong). Tyrion is my favourite character (though its mainly thanks to Peter Dinklage and his outstanding acting - "Emmy" commitee obviously concurs :). 

      Battle of Brenna depiction is a masterpiece and a perfect screenplay for one episode/part of the Witcher movie. No doubts about that.

      I'm aware of slavic customs to some extent. It makes sense that Sapkowski used slavic culture as a template for his Witcher world. Thats why its so close to me with its approach to humor and overall approach to reality (Northern Kingdoms). Nilfgaard, the elves, dwarves and to some extend even "far north" (Kovir/Poviss/Hengfors) + of course Zerrikania/Hakland represent different cultures with different cultural heritage. I really dig that Sapkowski popularized a "slavic soul" to the rest of the world. Kudos to Andrzej.

      Your guess is only logical :) But no :P

      I will think about Fitz - Oesterlen but one name popping out of the top of my head would be Kevin Spacey (his Frank Underwood from House of Cards kind of personifies a perfect diplomat with his own perfectly weighted and designed way to remain on top...)

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    • Spacey is great. Better than McShane.

      What do your University professors say about The Witcher, had they read it? (if you have had literature as a minor/major...) Want to know the attitude of other intellectuals in the world, with the authority etc...

      Sapkowski really is an expert on Slavic ethnology and medieval life (he had Medieval History as a minor while studying, I read...), also the Latin language, law and stuff, but that all teaches history. Have no doubts that he knew a little Ancient Greek too, or was studying philosophy (again all parts of history lessons) for Calanthe's name actually derives from greek "calos" which means beautiful and morally virtous, and "anthem", a kind of european orchid. Cirilla from Cyril of course...


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    • Well I have not studied literature, far from it actually. The Witcher had been recommended to me by my schoolmate(a girl) after we shortly talked about Tolkiens LOTR (being the only fantasy I had read until that point. I've read some CS.Lewis but not his fantasy stuff). Most of my friends/acquaintances who know The Witcher are either fantasy fans or know it as a game only (not that many of them, actually). Its rather sad because its no JUST another fantasy (shockingly different from lofty tone of LOTR books) but excellent overall with a clever overreach into present society (politics/racial hatred-differences and many many more).

      Did not know that about mr.Sapkowski but I'm not surprised at all...he is very, very good and it shows. Referring to The LOTR and Tolkien influence - its very visible throughout his books and he did not even try to concieve it. We are standing on the shoulders of giants after all...aren't we.

      His name invention is one of the best parts of his whole saga...pure genius :) I just like his eloquence and interconnections - Crilla - Zireael - swallow - hope etc. 

      What made You guess Slovakia? Its right btw. 

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    • I'd like to throw in Mélanie Laurent as a suggestion for Francesca Findabair


      Mélanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds, Beginners)

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    • Not bad actually. I liked her in Inglorious Basterds quite a bit. My pick would be somewhat similar:

      Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 14.14.51

      Francesca Findabair - Diane Kruger - a drop of germanic beauty

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    • Like both Melanie Laurent and Diane Kruger as Francesca... Really enjoyed Diane's performance in Troy movie as Helen of Troy, an ulitmate beauty, and could picture her with pointy ears and straight long hair...No models for the cast such as Bundchen, just actors, perhaps not as dolly beautiful, but the beauty in an artwork actually comes from their grimasses and acting abilities, in which I agree with Joohaan.

      The Witcher in my opinion, even though I am a great fan of LOTR, is incomparable to this, but I see more similarities in The Witcher and GOT-both dark fantasy, both in middle ages, both with power struggles, and you should warm up to GOT literature, it's good, although many, icluding myself, find it too diabolic and nihilistic-the message Martin sends to the readers is a hopeless one...Still not bad to read, but with a critic attitude, as with everything.

      He is a genius in name invention, not just for Ciri's and Calanthe's name, but Emhyr's too, emir/emhyr was a title the Turkish rulers had had before the coming of the Ottoman Turks, when the title officialy became a sultan...Other names have Celtic and Norse roots...Needless to say that the depiction of slavic customs is flawless...being a scholar or not, just fascinating. In fact, the only main character's name that actually has slavic roots is Cirilla (Cyril-a slavic apostle who made the Slavs literate, actually a Greek sent from Byzantine empire to literate them, and today many east slavic countries use the cyrilic alphabet-Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia,...still :) ). Also like his reformed Ancient Language, elven- Zirael...etc. (he made it into a mixture of Celtic, Gaelic and elven...). Genius... :)

      I guessed Slovakia right because I am a sorceress and read your mind, your energy was actually too excessive for me to guess and I felt it through the screen. :P I was actually in ambivalence around Slovakia and Czech Republic, and tried with Slovakia for I enjoyed my stay there at Bratislava, cruising the Danube...

      Anjelica Huston as Siegerdriffe, and Stuart Townsend as Eredin, and king Thranduill as Avallac'h, Gary Oldman as Bonhart, and maybe... Joseph Fiennes as Stefan Skellen...Just missing Foltiyarna.

      And that younger guy from The Seventh son as Yareey of Ellander.

      Ben Barnes


      Joseph Fiennes


      Gary Oldman

      Tumblr inline n9ndn1lKF91rvolz4

      King Thranduill

      Tumblr nragvcjDzI1uvdfc2o1 400

      Anjelica Huston(The Mists of Avalon)

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    • Excellent choices although I would probably pick Ben Barnes as Cahir. Yarre was around 17 when joining the army so I imagine him a bit more boyish.

      Gary Oldman is one heck of a pick as Bonhart. Wonderful actor who can impersonate some really disturbing characteristics. Only thing is he is not that tall but thats nothing a contemporary filmmaking can't deal with. I always imagined Bonhart like Liam Neeson - tall, physical, powerful/palpable personality and you just believe that he can kick ass (Taken movies). He lacks Oldmans "sadistic perversity" potential but maybe he could for once be a dark antihero.

      Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 23.41.19

      Bonhart - Liam Neeson

      Joseph Fiennes is an interesting choice for Skellen but I guess Mark Strong is a better fit (photo is already up here). Not much preference here as both of them are excellent choices.

      Lee Pace as Avallac'h - need not look no further. Perfect. 

      Faoiltiarna? Book says he was extremely beautiful apart from the scar. My picks:

      Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 23.58.41

      Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok of Vikings without beard)

      Or - surprisingly - Ashton Kutcher: has that elvish beauty/air about him and would look really scary with a proper scar.

      Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 00.06.59

      Ashton Kutcher

      Slovakia is an interesting piece of Europe. Beautiful, lots of potential and nice people. Shame it can't seem to be able to shake off its post-communist blues...

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    • As all the post-communist countries, not just Slovakia. Though the beauty of the country itself, it's people and it's culture kinda blurres the post-communist effect, looking from the tourist's point of view. If I could pick two cities where to make the Witcher, I'd pick Bratislava, Slovakia, Maribor, Slovenia, and maybe Krakow...and Trier, Germany...All three of the cities have that medieval mystical allure I find fascinating, and do make a great film footage. Also the Cachtice castle in Slovakia, home of the notorious countess Erzsebeth Battory, would be my pick for the Foltest's old palace where Geralt lifts a curse from his sister Adda...Never mind it's a ruin, with the right effects...

      Barnes would make a good Cahir, and Kutcher is how I imagined Foltiyarna, but Fimmel has a more elven face, and with dark loose hair and a huge scar all over his face would score an Oscar for the guerille rebel fighter elf. Both excellent choices though, congrats! Liam Neeson is extremely badass and hot, great performer, I only doubt he would ever accept playing a bad guy, that villain such as Bonhart, since he is always "a hero archetype"...

      Did you know that the only slavic word in English is a vampire, derived from Serbian word "vampir" or slovak "upir"? And the only norse word in English is a Viking, for the English called the Scandinavians "The Norse"? (once again Sapkowski's historical reference where the Nilfgaardians call the northerners "The Nordlings"...)

      Not being comfortable displaying my whereabouts online (you sure are), here's a sort of a riddle:

      I am of full Slavic descent (little mingled with other of course), my family coming from a city on the borders between the East and the West. Where do I originate from? :)

      You should check out "The Hussite Trilogy" by Sapkowski too, a real historical novel about hussite wars-Narrenturm, Warriors of God, Lux perpetua...Only it hasn't been translated into English, if you read any of these languages other than English, it's available in German, Spanish, Polish, Czech, and Russian...Should you read German, you just cruise from your city to Wien and buy it there, coming back for dinner...:) :) :) And GOT, neverminding the nihilism, a thrilling story indeed.

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    • I'll comment more later...just a quick reply.

      I'm from Slovakia :) Not afraid to read in czech language...not after my university studies in Czech Rep anyway :P I'll check it out for sure and I know this trilogy. Btw are You aware of a new Sapkowski novel about Geralt? Its called "Zaklínač - bouřková sezona" (Witcher - Storm season) and its about Geralts "escapade" with Lytta Neyd. I was a bit perplexed to find it out myself. Awesome.

      My guess would be Czech and that city would be Cheb. 

      Btw.: I've left Slovakia some time ago yet I still call it home and go there (to my parents) whenever possible. 

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, sure I am aware, ordered it just last week. ; )

      No, I do not originate from Czech Republic. Never actually been to Cheb, seen the pics and it looks awesome. :D

      You really are confident with displaying your whereabouts online? I could be a sixty-year old truck driver horny for young people into fantasy books (sorry for bad language, just kidding of course, but it is possible though...haha). :P :P :P

      So you've read the trilogy? Or about to enter another enchanted Sapkowski world? :)

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    • Wherebouts? Well I don't know what to tell You. I'm all over Europe so no...I'm not concerned even in the slightest. I'm not afraid of horny 60+ old truck drivers, I can handle myself pretty well and I'm quite good at using medical maybe truck driver should be afraid of me :P

      I've not read it (Hussite trilogy) but I'm planning to, most certainly. Lots of stuff going on right now.

      Next guess - Poland/Szczecin

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    • Easy for you to say, you are not a tiny, fragile woman :P Ok, I get your confidence now, point taken.

      Try southern, the white city as the center of the clash of the armies historically...all there. :)

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    • Oh I see...just a few personalities from that "undisclosed" area - Slobodan M., Josip B.T., Goran B.(and his awesome balkan music), Emir K.(Crna macka, beli macor - legend), Novak D. (and other awesome - yellow ball strikers - special mention goes to Ana I.)...

      Am I right? 

      I'm quite positive You don't live there anymore, right (and that You are perhaps a child of the early need to confirm that if it makes You uncomfortable)? One of the most beautiful women from that hotspot of an area...just saying :)

        Loading editor
    • Right. :) You are an intelligent one. :P

      I am not that uncomfortable, but not being a man with a knowledge of using medical drugs, I have to take care of myself somehow, right? Sometimes just by playing mysterious...But you do not have to cope with that, fortunately...Still you can never be too careful, but you feel safe and comfortable everywhere, so who am I talking to? :D

      What made you guess the "child of the early 90ties"? Just asking.

      And no, I do not live there anymore, but just like you I visit from time to time...

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    • Intelligent? Well I don't know about that :)

      No. You can never be too careful, thats true. I'm not uncomfortable and the word "safe" have not really entered my thoughts. I just don't think that somebody would choose me, find out where I actually am ATM and come to do some silly stuff(or any kind of stuff for that matter) to me...but maybe I just lack imagination... I'm just joking and being a bit cocky (but only a bit, mind you:)

      What made me guess that? A lot of people fled from that area around year 90 for obvious reasons, moved to a more suitable country and continued living - i.e. children - mostly overseas and on different continents.

      Home is wherever your loved ones live...fortunately...and there is no feeling like coming home, unfortunately.

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    • True that about home. Yes, I was born in the midst 90ties. What of you?

      Your theory on safety is somewhat logical....

      I actually wanted to give an association on Serbia : "There is a small country in the hilly peninsula in Europe where the most beatiful women live but the population rapidly decreases", but then you would've guessed right away and it wouldn't be fun...xP This is a common riddle about it...

      You have any actors on your home acting market you would suggest? Would surely like to see some Slavic actor in the movie about slavic mythology, adding a certain ring to it, such as the Norvegian actors in the movie "The ring of the Nibelungs"?

        Loading editor
    • I was born a bit earlier...but not by that much. 

      The association is very accurate I must say...very accurate. 

      I could think of some Slovak/Czech actors, actually...I'll try to upload something. Maybe something just for the taste...

      Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 00.48.27

      Vilgefortz - Ján Koleník (Slovakia)

      Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 00.51.40

      Bonhart - Juraj Kukura (Slovakia)

      Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 00.56.34

      Triss - Táňa Pauhoff (Slovakia)

      Will think of some more...

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    • Gee, why didn't you post these right away? Big, big like, all of them, especially Jan Kolenik as Vilgefortz, much hotter than Henry Cavill and much more expressive facial features.

      Is the actress natural redhead? It doesn't matter really, she's beautiful. Always imagined Triss with paler skin and dark brown eyes, although in the book her eyes are azure blue, and her complexion tanner...

      What would be magnificent: Hollywood production, slavic actors, slavic music (probably G.Bregovic and other ethno musicians, music group from Czech R. called "Zywiolak" made the music for the Witcher 2 ouverture : "Oi ti Petre Petre..." )...correct me if I am wrong, either czech or slovak, just don't know why written in cyrilic letter..

      Contemporary actors from serbian acting market (although n
      Żywiołak - Ой Ти, Петре, Петре04:43

      Żywiołak - Ой Ти, Петре, Петре

      ot living there anymore, too :( )

      Rade Serbedzija (Vesemir)

      Kataruina Radivojevic 464840686

      Katarina Radivojevic (Fringilla Vigot)

      6634 Marija Karan

      Maria Caran (Sabrina Glevissigue)


      Nina Jankovic(Triss)

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    • I think Mark Addy would make a good Dijkstra.

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    • Thank You. I could not imagine Dijkstra at all. Good. 

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    • Me too. Good choice.

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    • My pick for Emiel Regis (my personal favourite character of the books):

      Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 00.18.42

      Emiel Regis - James Frain

      Or a slavic alternative:

      Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 00.23.10

      Emiel Regis - Pavel Kříž (Czech Rep)

      Btw Rade Serbedzija is a KILLER Vesemir. Good job. 

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    • Thanks :D Jan Kolenik is a killer Vilgefortz too. Emiel Regis is one of the most appealing characters to corelate with, a non human displaying a greater humanity than the most humans in the books and in the dark age as well. Both choices just roock, can't actually decide which is better...

      Have to notice nobody actually posted the actors for any of the Rats...

      Kinda have a feeling Felton would do a good job as a potential Kylie... Lotte Verbeek as Keira Metz, they actually made her hair the fairest possible blonde in the game trailers, if memory serves me well, in the books (Time of Contempt) she had redish-brown hair and fair skin... And Evangeline Lilly as Ida Aemean aep Sievney, Aen Saevherne...

      Lotte Verbeek (Giulia Farnese in the Borgias)


      Evangeline Lilly

       Lack imagination for Giselher, Asse, Riff, Aenievedien, Mistle, Hotsporn, and the empathe sisters, I mean Joanna Selborn at first...

      Btw thanks for the suggestions, had not one failed choice so far... And if you enjoyed "The Tudors" that much (I enjoyed it too, one of the best european productions ever), you'll probably enjoy "The Borgias" with Jeremy Irons, and "Magnificent century" too. And I've just read "Narrenturm" (posted my review on your wall)...

      And just one more thing...

      New discussion: I just had to :)


      Tom Felton as Kylie

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    • Good choices, especially Kylie. I will add some more but at the moment I'm quite busy and all over places. 

      As for the new thread there is little I can add to the topic, unfortunately.

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    • Emma Watson as Ciri there facial structure and voice suite perfectly in my opinion

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    • Images (1)
      Ciri face from render
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    • According to games? I'm sorry but I have never played a minute of it and imagine her completely differently. 

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    • Not to mention Emma is 25 and Ciri was 16 by the end of the last book. A bit of a stretch for my imagination.

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    • I understand where your coming at, that's just my opinion Who would you rather have?

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    • It has already been discussed. I think Chloe Grace Moretz was mentioned or Dakota Fanning. I don't want to be pretentious hipster or anything I just don't really like suggestions made upon playing the game without reading the actual books. I am aware though if a movie/series is made it because of the success of the game, not the book...I guess I'll learn to live with it.

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    • @Sorceress70 - have You read the new novel? Let me know what You think of it...

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    • Hey there folks, I usually reply as soon as possible but the cooler in my computer broke causing a tiny tiny blow so I am writing from my friend's since the smartphone does not allow any posting due to security stuff etc. Waiting for the computer service still ;0

      Joohan, no, I have not read the new novel, supposing you mean Seasons of Storms, right? I just have so many responsibilities right now and simply don't have the time. My Amazon shipment of SoS has arrived though, stored safely on my bookshelf right next to Got and the other TW novels. :) Not enough to say I can't wait diving into it, when I read it, sure I will let you know. :) :) :)

      I want to know what you thing of "Hussite trilogy" when you read it, and of course exchange opinions after reading the SoS.

      I have read the "Narrenturm" though, you have my review posted on your wall. But atm have no time to start with "Warriors of Gods".

      To all of those bombing my inbox with requests of me translating the "Sword of Destiny" into some western languages, two things:

      1. I'd be more than willing to translate it, but it's kinda difficult cause of my hectic schedule

      2. The other problem are the legal rights. This goes onto international level, so were I to tranlate it and post it to FanPop or whatever or someon's email, were you to copy it and sell it is officially considered a felon. Not considered, but is, and the consequence would be the restitutive sanction on me, which goes way over anyones financial merits, and even depending on country's policy some jail time in case of serious violation of legal rights of the authors, this is like piracy, they take it very seriously, bookstores who buy these rights paying an enormous ammount of money thus monopolising it etc. This is why SoD has still not been translated into English, French, German (Not sure about Italian) due to the bookstores fighting over the monopole over the legal rights.

      Btw, I don't like Emma Watson as Ciri at all. Way too old to play a teen.

      Dakota Fanning, Chloe Grace Moretz, Sophia Myles, Anna Sophia Robb for Ciri, just my choice. My personal favourite-Chloe Grace Moretz.

      No one is a hipster displaying their opinions, that's why I started the discussion in the first place. :)

      Also like Thomas Boleyn from "The Tudors" as Fitz-Oesterlen...

      Shame no one contributed to my other thread. For educational purposes, try reading "Slavic mythology" this is the link to the online book, then right click and choose translate this page into English....There is something about the witchers there, but just that their way of life was a mystery even at the time they exhisted (Just like in Faust, the chapter "Valpurge's night"). Hear ye all soon when I repair my computer...

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    • SORCERESS70 wrote:

      To all of those bombing my inbox with requests of me translating the "Sword of Destiny" into some western languages

      Wasn't it translated already?

      Official translation

      Unofficial translations

      Btw, best Vizimir for me

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    • It would be a waste to use Linus Roache as Vizimir as he does not feature in person in the main saga (only in passing and - spoiler alert - only as a victim of assassination). My knowledge of the games and their storylines is zero...

      Better suited as, say, well...I don't know...Demawend? Deffo a royalty material. Played wonderfully in Riddick and in Batman Begins though.

      I have already finished reading Seasons of Storms (in fact I've even had time to re-read it more slowly). I won't bias You with my opinions. Next is the Hussite Trilogy. Really curious as I've spent a fair amount of my life in that particular region...will let You know.

      I will maybe try to read some of the Witcher stories in english to see how much got "lost in translation". There are not many times when "slavic language background" comes handy but, boy, am I glad because of the Witcher saga...

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    • Really? A man with dark brown hair on the cover of the Sword of Destiny book? Really?

        Loading editor
    • Lady of the Lake is yet to be translated to english?

        Loading editor
    • Joooohan wrote:
      It would be a waste to use Linus Roache as Vizimir as he does not feature in person in the main saga (only in passing and - spoiler alert - only as a victim of assassination). My knowledge of the games and their storylines is zero...

      As I remember, he appear as one of five monarchs in Blood of Elves, in Hagge. Though it is his only scene, indeed.

      Joooohan wrote: Really? A man with dark brown hair on the cover of the Sword of Destiny book? Really?

      Heh, publishing houses... the image was already used as a cover of Spanish edition of Lady of the Lake, it depicts Cahir. But Cahir does not appear in Sword of Destiny... well, the decision is rather weird.

      Joooohan wrote: Lady of the Lake is yet to be translated to english?

      As far I know, 2016 - The Swallow's Tower, 2017 - Lady of the Lake. Unofficial translation already exist, though it leaves a lot to be desired.

        Loading editor
    • Thanks a lot for clarification. Dark haired Cahir obviously makes sense, putting him on the cover of any book makes much less and putting him on the cover of the Sword of Destiny makes none whatsoever.

      2016+2017? My, oh my...but maybe its better to wait for it and experience the most of it with a top quality translation than miss out on Sapkowskis genius due to a  bad one. Lady of the Lake is my favourite book of the saga BY FAR. English reading audience is in for a real treat.

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    • Anson Mount - Geralt
      Anson Mount
        Loading editor
    • Yes. One of the best options.

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    • Heey, it's sorceress back doing her sorcery. Ok, that was cheesy, the word someone used to describe the English translation of the Witcher as well. Just a short reply having finally repaired my blowing computer:

      -That settles it regarding the translation. Either way am I bound by the legal rights. :)

      -Anson Mount is hot. ;) Best Geralt for me.

      How about...say...Annabelle Wallis or Ruta Gedmintas as Margherita? Seeing nobody actually likes neither Michelle Pfeiffer nor Rebecca Ferguson...
      Ruta Gedmintas Elfie Hopkins Premiere London Chu DagXdHGl

      Ruta Gedmintas

      Annabelle Wallis 50th Monte Carlo TV Festival 7aavhXB3GOil

      Annabelle Wallis

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    • For Triss, since Alicia Wikander is in my mind Lutienne, either Piper Perabo or Amy Adams (Perabo is my own personal preference, but two options beat one, right? :) ) :

      Selma Blair as Fringilla Vigot. Famke Jenssen as Philippa Eilhart. Isabelle Adjani as Francesca. Dominique Blanc as Marty Sodergren. But rarely is the european cast mingled with the Hollywood one...

      Dominique Blanc

      3393998310 21bb8285f8

      One photo portraying scene from La reine Margot


      Isabelle Adjani

      Famke Jenssen(Taken)


      Selma Blair


      Piper Perabo


      Amy Adams

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    • Hello and welcome back. 

      I actually like Michelle Pfeiffer a lot but, with all due respect, she is a bit old to play 30 something looking sorceress (beauty aside). I would see her more as Tissaia de Vries. Annabelle Walis is my choice here, without a doubt.

      Who is Lutienne? The one Yarre married? 

      Triss should probably have the most "girlish" looks of all sorceresses in the saga. That's why Alicia was an obvious reason and that's why I don't see Amy Adams playing her. Piper is an ok pick :)

      Selma as Fringilla is a top draw choice (I like Morena Baccarin better) and Famke Jennsen is a PERFECT Fringilla. Good job.

        Loading editor
    • Helloooo, fellow loyal correspondent... <3

      Yes, Lutienne is the girl Yarre/Yarrey married...the one who drove him back to Elander on the wooden cart along with the other war-mamed men...The one who helped him when (spoiler alert!) his left hand was amputated.

      Why? Have a look at this scene:

      276753.jpg-r 640 600-b 1 D6D6D6-f jpg-q x-xxyxx

      Yarre and Lutienne

      Wouldn't these look stunning together on screen? Although you did actually imagine Yarre a bit more boyish, though I believe everyone looks masculine/feminine enough even at seventeen, sometimes particularly at that age. Plus, the war does make him more of a man, and Lutienne...well, she was always a woman (not to mention girls mature quicker than boys, especially at that time, meaning medieval time..).

      Wikander is a great actress. The mimicry, the grimasses,the accent, and she can easily even become ugly, weary, worried, but also beautiful, mysterious, hot...That's the true actress! Just like Cate Blanchett when she played an ugly war nurse, a queen, a rich hottie, and even a male rock'n'roll drug addict! lol

      Amy Adams I chose only due to the natural chestnut hair. Piper Perabo is my perfect Triss. Both Baccarin and Jenssen would have to wear green eye contacts (hey, if Orlando Bloom had no problem wearing them for LOTR, though he did complain about it, why wouldn't them? ;) ). And Perabo blue contacts.

      Were the movie made like 10 years ago, Michelle Pfeiffer would without hesitation be the perfect Margeritha. Good choice as Tissaia though, you are right. 

      Alexis Bledel as Iola the First, the one Geralt bedded, one that does not speak and is mediumistic, the Ellander priestess, the wardess of mother Neneke.

      Sophia Myles as Iola the Second, the healer priestess of Melitele, another wardess of Neneke.

      Chloe Grace Moretz as Ciri, and the little one, Cosette from "Les Miserables" 2012 as the little Ciri.


      Alexis Bledel


      Sophia Myles

      About the SoS, I am starting today, was a bit busy, and also read Orhan Pamuk's "My name is red" the only ever Turkish writer awarded the Nobel prize for literature. But aside from "pulling strings" so to say to get the Nobel prize awarded, the book is great, no need to get worldy honours to appreciate any artwork...And I am not a hipster! Nor corky... ;)

      What of the French actresses posted above?


      Chloe Grace Moretz

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    • I've seen some photos of Michelle Pfeiffer, ok, she is in her fifties, but she is a "primadonna" actress, and the botoxes and stuff, don't know what's popular now, do work wonders. Bearing in mind that being a hundred year old is being a "young" mage, I can see it as likely even if she played as Margeritha...Plus many are not aware of what a movie make-up can do. Should you have any doubts, check out Ralph Fiennes in Harry Potter 4. ;) Also were they to make the LoL sequel where Ciri is a bit older, Emma Watson is the perfect choice with the right wig, right contacts, right scar...But if Dakota Fanning would be in the not -a-sequel movie, then I would like to see her up until the end (the sequel meaning a plot from the games, after the battle of Brenna, and Ciri inhabiting another world with Galahad, but is still in danger from Eredin. You should check out the cinematics from the games...) 

        Loading editor
    • Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 15.19.03

      Margaita Laux-Antille (Katheryn Winnick)

        Loading editor
    • About the Iola 2nd - she was about the same age as Ciri so maybe someone younger would fit better. 

      Yarre looked extremely his age (i.e. boyish). Not only is it written in the books but also he was a scribe (if thats the term)...meaning he was not working manually as other boys his age. War was a very brief experience for Yarre so it really does not change anything, particularly as he was a pike foot soldier. That actor is more of a Cahir than Yarre but we've already discussed it.

      I still can't imagine Ciri at Chloe Garce is as good choice as any I guess. French actresses look very fitting. Nice job.

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    • Winnick is great as Margherita, but perhaps tinsy tinsy too beautiful comparing to the other sorceresses, but ok.

      Yes, it is the right term. Meaning we still lack ideas for Yarrey. What of Wikander as Lutienne?

      Glad you like french actresses. Isabelle Adjani with blonde wig is my perfect Francesca, and Dominique Blanc Marty Sodergren. You should check out the movie, called "The queen Margot", plus Bregovic did the music for that one and it is awesome. <3

      Yola 2d was two or three years older than Ciri, but ok, perhaps Kondviramurse or Nimue?

      Plus we still lack the Rats. Especially Mistle. ;)

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    • Its just this photo. Google her and You'll see she is not unearthly beautiful. Very good actress.

      I guess I like Vikander too to play a minor role like Lutienne :) Just a matter of presonal taste.

      Mistle? I may have something...

      Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 21.51.50

      Mistle (Ashley Greene)

        Loading editor
    • I mean...she has Triss written all over her in my imagination.

      Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 21.55.20

      Triss (Alicia Vikander)

        Loading editor
    • Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 21.59.23

      Giselher (Alexander Ludwig)

      I don't really remember the exact description of all The Rats (apart from Mistle, Kayleigh and the elf whose name I can't even approximate in english) so some tweaking might be necessary.
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    • Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 02.32.02

      Angouleme (Emma Roberts)

        Loading editor
    • Like, like, like. Emma Roberts is the PERFECT Angouleme. Like Ashley Greene as Mistle too.

      BTW, it's right, I have to agree on this one. She does have Triss written all over her entire appearance, so does Piper Perabo, but Wikander I can actually picture next to Natalie Dormer without diminishing her. Just a little chestnut tone and she is ready for : "Action!" xaxaxa

      Alexander Ludwig is perhaps better suited as Asse. Asse was blonde, and Giselher was dark/brownish haired, with a deeper look. Say...I dunno...Max Irons (Red riding hood, The White queen).

      Max Irons Giselher. Shiloh Fernandez Riff. Alexander Ludwig Asse. Ashley Greene Mistle. Alexandra Dowling Aenievedienne (I have an English copy of BoF ;) ). And maybe... Bree Condon as miss Joanna Selborn, the empathe, and Kate Mara as Milva.


      Bree Condon


      Kate Mara (Ironclad)


      Max Irons


      Alexandra Dowling


      Shiloh Fernandez

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    • Btw, I am not against the divine beauty (who is? ;) ) my previous comments were about the realistic medieval athmosphere in the potential movie, and the actors' appearances to match mr Sapkowski's descriptions of them in the books. I am not a beauty hipster, au contraire, am very aesthethic a person, but more artistic. All the post-communist countries actually value beauty above all the other values, which tends to even diminish the other social values unfortunately, and may...may lead to the lack of respect for the women in general. These are sociological researchs. :)

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    • Well...I think some nations value beauty and style even more - Swedish people for instance.

      Good choices btw. Will get back later.

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    • Another joke about my home country- If the Serbs took less care of their physical appearance and cared more about bills, taxes and economics, the political economy of the country wouldn't be such a mess...None of my friends find it funny, but I find it hillarious. Then again I always laugh at stupid jokes, don't know why. ;P

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    • GW350H325

      Holiday Grainger (Carthia van Canten- Canterella)


      Rhys Ifans(Hotsporn)

        Loading editor
    • Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 15.47.57

      Kristofer Hivju (Crach an Craite)

      Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 15.51.06

      Gabriella Wilde (Canterella)

      Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 15.56.11

      Emilie Dequenne (Canterella)

      I must say I like Holiday Grainger very much. She has that personality (from Borgias...).

        Loading editor
    • I had also Gabriella Wilde on my mind when I thought of Canterella...Like also Emilie Dequenne.

      But the most thrilling Canterella for me is Holiday Grainger, cause of the already shown academy award acting skills in The Borgias. When it comes to the acting abilities, perhaps these actors do need to mature a bit more. But it matters not at all, look at DiCaprio ;)

      Never imagined jarl Crach as that tall and that big...Were he to dye his hair black, he would make a great Aest Turseach. But perhaps is a better choice than Sam Heughan, though...I dunno...I'm kinda torn between these two since I believe if I recall correctly that Crach was around 25 in the Lady of the Lake. So when it comes to that Sam Heughan.

      What of Rhys Iffans as Hotsporn? Could pair him up with Chloe Grace Moretz... Plus we need Vatioeu de Riddot(pretty sure this is a french spelling), Visogotha of Corvoe, astrologer Xartisius. And just like to drop in Tamsin Egerton as a suggestion for Angouleme...

      Tamsin Egerton as Angouleme


      Sam Heughan (Outlander)

        Loading editor
    • Well Crach was much older. He had a son - Hjalmar - who was 17 when Yennefer arrived to Skellige in the main saga so he was around 35 I guess. Plus he had red hair and was a big ass warrior - essentially a viking (because Skellige folk with their myths - Hemdall, Ragnarog, Naglfar, Bifrost and drakkars - are clearly Sapkos reflection on vikings). Kristofer is a killer Crach, believe me.

        Loading editor
    • Well I don't have to believe you, I can see xxaxaxa. Point taken. Sapkowski is a mage when it comes to mixing vikingr/norse, slavic and celtic, and at some points gaulo-roman folk elements in the saga. Literally, should you not like the fable of the story, you can at least read it to admire it from a purely aesthethical/ethnological point of view. Expanding your horizons.

      Does Rhys Iffans strike you as Hotsporn? Even for a minor role, but he is a master of minor roles.

      Plus can't imagine neither Visogotha nor Vatieou de Riddot...I mean I can, but can't think of no living actors...

        Loading editor
    • Julie Christie as Nenneke...

      Btw the brown contacts look very fitting on her, don't they?


      Julie Christie as Nenneke

        Loading editor
    • Rhys Ifans is very good. I honestly have no suggestion because Hotsporn eludes my imagination even more than Ciri does. 

      Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 18.37.51

      Vysogota (Ian McKellen)

      There is no one better than Sir Ian for Vysogota.

      Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 18.44.53

      Vattier de Rideaux (Alec Baldwin)

      Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 18.46.43

      Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen (Kevin Spacey)

        Loading editor
    • Good job, couldn't be better. Congrats! And thanks! Like better Emma Roberts as Angouleme than Tamsin Egerton, but what do you think of her? And Julie Christie?

      Did I misspell Vattier's name? ;)

        Loading editor
    • I think I lke Emma Roberts more. Tamsin looks more like a woman to me and Angouleme was more of a girl...since she reminded Geralt of Ciri at least a bit. Julie Christie is a very good choice.

      Misspell? I don't know. I write those names as I've read them...they may be a bit different according to the translation...I guess.

        Loading editor
    • So you've read the Witcher in English? Have only Baptism of Fire in English, others in Russian...

      And I've read Seasons of Storms. Amy Adams as Lytta Neyd, or Milla Jovovich:

      79187937a8a035f9 140003673.xxxlarge 1

      Milla Jovovich

        Loading editor
    • I've not. Names I'm writing are from the Czech version. Both Mila and Amy are good options, maybe Amy is a bit better. 

      How do You like the book?

      Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 23.34.34

      Mozaik (Sofia Boutella)

        Loading editor
    • Well I must say I really, really enjoyed it. Not only is it easily readable "by the time of a breath's passing" as we Serbs say, but the most appealing thing is it's composition, the midquel between the Last Wish short stories, and a very slight and in an artist's way somehow sly manner does it compose with the main saga, the characters from the LoL, which were actually there entire Geralt's life, since the Nimue's tower is timeless.

      Another, very, very good intro into Geralt's long journey of self-discovery. And then Yennefer's and Ciri's in the main saga, with the messages to us readers, invoking within us that tribal epic mind for literature which finds epic fantasy appealing, so we could better understand the hidden messages (the occult is always hidden,hermetic) to us, what better than through the symbols. Fable as appealing and dramatic in it's composition as ever. When writing a midquel, the composition itself is important, forma dat esse rei(the form gives the substance to the thing). Composition is also relevant for turning a piece into a theatre play or a movie. The way we are heading now, never will the epic fantasy become "out of style". Sure for around 20 years it was replaced with a neo-futurism, but since the dawn of the human existence, the folk spirit told through the epic dramas never was out of style, but what it is: a classic. LOTR already is a classic, though the Nobel prize was kinda "stolen" from Tolkien by Ivo Andric 1961.

        Loading editor
    • The way Sapkowski moved culmination to the end of the novel, when Nimue exclaims: "I had the strangest dream..." is not only a very creative turnover from a classical novella composition, but a very astonishing intro into the main saga. Btw though I would recommend to people to read The Witcher beginning from SoS, it is also a very prudent way of diving into the underworld of Geralt's self-discovery even after already being familiarised with the main saga, as a kind of retrospective narration into Geralt's memories, turning over again into Nimue's tower. The turnover itself is a technique used by poem writers, but The Witcher itself is very lyrical, so that was a really, really master like.

      All this attention given to the form is actually very very reader-friendly, so to say.

      About the content of the story, well, there is the eternal Geralt doing his eternal mage work. Like Sapkowski's link to the real historical events and personalities, making his entire work "erudical" meaning you have to be at least classically educated in order to understand it.  Personally I love that. There is the explanation for all the footnotes! ;) Luckily I am educated in the other way too, in order to understand the hermetic messages and value the laitmotives, so...should anything be unclear anyone can ask me, would be very glad to explain. This was a reason I opened up another thread, nobody responded to it though. This one I heartily recommend, but as a part of the entire saga, which it is. :D

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    • "My tribe sleeps dreaming a dead dream

      Heavens are confined above me, receiving neither my woe nor my prayers,

      My world turned to infernal Hades, and all the people surrounding wraiths..."

      The mountain wreath, part I 

        Loading editor
    • Very interesting read. I must say I understand approx half of it but its nice to know that one of my favourite "books" is so well written. Truth is I feel some kind of urge to read the SoS after The Saga and vice versa. Very readable.

      Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 22.53.10

      Eredin Breác Glass (Josh Hartnett)

        Loading editor
    • Glad you like the review. This is not a real review of course, my reviews usually take up to fifteen pages, meaning real scholarly written ones. 

      The artwork is awaking something within you, each piece of art, something hidden deep within, and when it comes to fantasy novels, it awakens that "collective unconcious", not just emotions. Sometimes it makes you wonder. Sometimes you just enjoy the aesthethism. Ars gratia artis, the art being the goal by itself (a rough translation).

      Good choice as Eredin, though I find Stuart Townsend (picture already up there somewhere) more plausable Eredin since he is skinny, tall and elevenly built... Hartnett with that vikingr built imagine more as that captain who took Yennefer on the boat with him when she was in Skellige, even Hjalmar, or Aest Turseach....

      Don't remember was Lydia van Brederwort blonde or dark haired, but here's my suggestion:

      "My tribe sleeps dreaming a dead dream,

      Heavens are confined above me, receive neither my woe nor my prayers,

      My world turned to infernal Hades, and all the people surrounding wraiths..."

      The mountain wreath, part I


      Charlotte Salt (Ursula Misseldon in the Tudors)

        Loading editor
    • I've never felt the need to imagine Lydia since she essentially did not "have face" but somehow imagined her with blonde hair - maybe its the Dutch name "van Bredevoort"...

        Loading editor
    • Yes, she essentially did not have the lower half of her face, but she had it concealed by illusion to look the way she normally did before the accident. So, yeah, I too have imagined her as a dark blondie, due to the Dutch name, which I misspelled again ;).

      Well I must say we chose a very interesting cast. Were they all in the movie, I certainly wouldn't miss it. Had an idea to write a real scholarly review of the saga here, don't know where actually...

      Have you read any other interesting books recently to recommend something? I heartily recommend Orhan Pamuk's "My name is red". And the Hussite trilogy... :)

        Loading editor
    • Hi,

      Yes, we've done a good job so far:) As far as Your review is concerned, You can make a new thread. I guess it would be a success.

      I got intrigued by "The Physician" by Noah Gordon. I've seen the movie first but then started to read the book which is obviously much much better.

        Loading editor
    • Ok, amazon order of "The Physician" is ready. :) Thank You.

      If you enjoyed "The Witcher", you'll probably enjoy Hoffman's "The devil elixir", a classical representative of german XIX century romanticism, "the dark romanticism", a proto mythological-psychological/psychodelic novel written in the soliloqium form (meaning the protagonist is speaking for himself as "I" inner monologue). Not only that the folk in general are unaware that this novel was a first representative of romanticism even before Hugo in France, but it is a predecessor of "a modern novel", quite intriguing for the time of it's publishment! It later led to the development of "a dark fantasy genre", meaning our age, with the novels such as "The Mists of Avalon", and "The Witcher". Influenced of course by Faust, sure you have read one version of it by Goethe.

      But before our age, XIX century new world, Edgar Allan Poe, "The black cat" short story, "The raven" short story, his poems, and his novel "William Wilson". This is not a spoiler, but the laitmotiff in these is "the double in the man's soul", somewhat like Geralt's "ambiguious morality". 

      Have You read "Narrenturm"? :)

        Loading editor
    • Thanks for the tips. Not much time left for reading but will stock up on suggestions for the time being.

      Oh well, in case You have not read "The Jungle book" by mr. Kipling I strongly recommend. 

        Loading editor
    • My pleasure. I have, long ago. Am a great fan of Kipling, read almost all of his work. Like most his poems. Did also a number of essays on him, too. :) That thin sensitivity the East Check it out, awesome.

      And Sapkowski's "Vibora". 

      You should check out the game cinematics, w2 and w3, very interesting plot.

      Plus I find it hard to actually imagine Cavill as Vilgefortz. Too beautiful perhaps. Maybe Michael Fassbender?


      Michael Fassbender as Vilgefortz

        Loading editor
    • Well...Vigefortz was I quote "clasically beautiful and damn hot even as he walked beside Francesca Findabair - the most beautiful woman on Earth". Think Brad Pitt "at the height of his powers" and its still not too much... :) Plus he was "built more like a knight than a sorcerer". I would suggest Chris Hemsworth because I like his voice better than Cavills.

      Fassbender is one of the best actors today, along with Benedict Cumberbatch. He would probably made a very good Crach an Craite with his germanic face. Hivju is still better, though...

        Loading editor
    • Yes but looked like in his late thirties, up to forties, I quote the description, much like Geralt. Yes Hivju is a way better and more authenthic Crach, but at the Thanedd ball in Geralt's thoughts he looked 49 tops, I mean tops, since he was aware that he was actually much older than he appeared. And chose to stop aging at that particular decade because of the rep of the sorcerer's proferssion and it contributed much to his own attractiveness.

      I imagined him as beautiful, but with a sly look in his eyes and a calculated face expression, like Vincott or Fassbender. Perhaps I just can't imagine someone with as sweet a charisma as Cavill to do weired things to Ciri and other girls, and let Yennefer get beaten up...:) Maybe I am too naive. 

        Loading editor
    • Vilgefortz was described as "young sorcerer" meaning he was under 100y old (as was Yennefer who was around 94 and most certainly Triss who was the youngest of The Lodge) and yes, sorcerers used to "stop aging" more in their 40ties as opposed to sorceresses who chose their 30ties. Vilgefortz may be an exception and he may well be that type who looks very young even in his 40ties despite his built and masculinity.

      I think every actor would like to play a character full of contradictions - in this case one of the most beautiful character physically(Sapkovski settles this for us putting Vilgefortz on par with Francesca as far as beauty is concerned) and one of the most corrupt at the same time. Cavill is probably the best option as he is that seductive type who can pull some serious freaky rabbits out of his hat(as per Tudors...).  Think about Johnny Depp and all his weird/freaky/scary stuff in Tim Burton movies or his homosexual vibe in The Pirates flicks...if you have the right actor, its a goldmine. (or Robert Downey jr. as Iron Man/Sherlock).

        Loading editor
    • Interesting point of view. Point taken. Certainly will keep that in mind. I second your opinion of playing a character full of contradictions as being a challenge for an actor. Though I believe that the Witcher movie itself would be a major challenge for the entire crew working on the movie, especially the director and producers. And most certainly scene makers! Not forgetting about the music, I meant to start a new thread concerning the Witcher movie music (had of course Bregovic in mind). Or just the music you can listen to while reading the books or playing the games.

        Loading editor
    • It depends, really...Viggo Mortensen did not know anything about Tolkien or LOTR when he was asked to play Aragorn and he did just fine, I guess and as much as I don't like the guy, Peter Jackson has done a terrific job making everyone movie related positively "Tolkien crazy"...As long as producers realize the potential that Witcher posesses it should not be a per the Game of Thrones example.

      I really like to listen to Pink Floyd/David Gilmour while reading Sapkowski. Bregovic is just too crazy at times...

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    • Me too! Pink Floyd in particular! lol

      Yes, he does tend to go too crazy, but I meant the music which he writes specifically for the movies, like "Gora" for the queen Margot. Meaning "The mountain". The slavic soul within the song. Very romantic and sensitive:

      The rock versions of slavic rhythms for battle scenes:

      Vrelo - Povenulo sve (fajront republika)03:55

      Vrelo - Povenulo sve (fajront republika)

      Lena Kovacevic - Gora04:19

      Lena Kovacevic - Gora

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    • Čechomor - Malovaný kostel. Played on the Loket Castle in Czech Rep05:02

      Čechomor - Malovaný kostel. Played on the Loket Castle in Czech Rep.

      Very, very nice. I have a tip for You: a band called Čechomor - playing Czech, Moravian, Silesic (Moravian - Polish border) and Slovak music in various rock arrangements. You are going to love it, I'm sure. Maybe just a taste...

      Ewa Farna, Čechomor a Olza - Hej górale. Almost Bregovic crazy like..02:58

      Ewa Farna, Čechomor a Olza - Hej górale. Almost Bregovic crazy like...


      Čechomor (Slunéčko) symphonic orchestra pure magic..07:23

      Čechomor (Slunéčko) symphonic orchestra pure magic...

      Peha - Muoj boze. Slovakian export - soundtrack for movie "Bathory"(good one btw..03:42

      Peha - Muoj boze. Slovakian export - soundtrack for movie "Bathory"(good one btw...)

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    • Thank Youuuuuu! You were right, I did love it. Went straight into my playlist. Btw I have never ever seen anyone adressing someone with a capital Y in You in informal conversations. That is though a custom in my home country, but nowhere but there, in the other places I have lingered in have I seen it. Probably in Your's, too. I just have to say it is very, very admirable. :)

      Plus, ethno rhythms with rock chords is a very, very acquired taste. Not many people out there who can appreciate it. You have to be very thorough in your aesthethic development, I guess. Movies can help, like "Bathory" (seen it, scary... o.0 )

        Loading editor
    • I'm glad You like it. Čechomor is a terrific music. I am lucky to have friends with acquired tastes in music and some of it rubbed off on me, apparently. I'm a bit of musician myself so I can trust my ear (both "outer and inner") so to speak. 

      Yes. Addressing someone with a capital "Y" is a custom in my country, too and I'm persisting even in the cold, wide world. I believe it shows you care about the person you're dealing with and from my experience, people react positively essentially every time. Won't change it for sure...:)


      If You liked Čechomor there is this movie I first noticed them in...

      It has a lot of music in it and a lot of outstanding musicians - Jarek Nohavica is kind of Czech/Moravian Bob Dylan...It should be available with subtitles I hope.

      Its about a Dutch documentarist who sets out to Czech Rep to make a movie about alcoholics in an anti-alcoholic clinic. There he meets Jarek Nohavica - a Moravian/Silesic guitarist/singer who has a cult status in Czechoslovakia - and he decides to follow him instead. It has a lot of Czech humor, sarcasm and overall feel but it is very well made and the soundtrack is outstanding...

      Forgot to add - a lot of life wisdom as well.

      Rok Ďábla - Kometa (Nohavica, Plíhal, Čechomor)03:31

      Rok Ďábla - Kometa (Nohavica, Plíhal, Čechomor)

      A lot of outstanding visuals..00:43

      A lot of outstanding visuals...

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    • Outstanding. Really, thanks! Btw "The Physician" absolutely thrilled me. Don't know if you are "up to date" with epic poems, but it reminded me of the greatest parts of Rumi's "Mesnavi, Mesnevia", Firdusi's "Shahnameh". Rumi is like a Persian Byron, and Shahnameh the persian "Illyad"...Brilliant!

      Check out Outlander. Tobias Menszies was for a long time Vilgefortz in my mind, probably due to the duality and the resemblence of his character in Outlander to Vilgefortz.

      Western slavic music has a little less melancholy than the eastern one, russian is very deep and melancholic,ukranian even more, and southern slavic sometimes sounds like a lament and is very melancholic-there is much pain and deep emotions and mysticism. Loved the Chechomor sound cause it goes for joy and excitement, much like classical irish rhythms and scottish gaelic without their ballads. Joyous is what I need, just saying my subjective opinion (no "world pain", no romanticism despair...). Ok it is nice and deep but sometimes we need something moving in another way, don't You think?

      Have You read "Narrenturm"? How do You like the book? 

      The soul of the Persian nation...

      Prologue by Loreena McKennitt Quotes from Rumi04:15

      Prologue by Loreena McKennitt Quotes from Rumi

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    • You're welcome. Its "the friends" influence". To be precise, "The Physician" was a tip from my older sister gay friend :) I'm truly blesse by some people in my life...appreciate.

      Truth is I don't have much time to spare. I've moved to another country, started work and its pretty time-consuming. That's why I haven't read "Narrenturm" nor other exciting books but its very much worth it. 

      I'm from the most eastern part of Slovakia(near Ukrainian borders) so I can appreciate the melancholy but I migrate towards the western style a bit more to be honest. My musician dream would be to play along with the Čechomor...they are that good. 

      Thanks for all the tips...I really enjoy our little conversations. I would be very interested in Your review of the Witcher.

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    • Well I must say it is really stunning to hear You want to read my review. Just heads up-my methods not only of teaching (languages), but in literary works too are somewhat unorthodox. Perhaps that's the reason why I don't always win the essay competitions...But I suffer not of worldly successes, wheter or not is it just a little magazine competition or not.

      I was convinced you were from Bratislava...Beh, what can You do, it's just a natural assumption of a capital city girl...and the only city I have ever visited in Slovakia was Bratislava. In Czech rep Prague, Karlovy Vary, and Prague... :) :) :). Wish You best of Luck for Your future endeavors. Being a Slav in another country You could see yourself as an ambassador of Your culture everywhere You go. That's the beauty of it. Culture is the spirit that is the most responsible for our actions...And expanding Your horizons by learning the ways of other cultures does make You a better person...Just my opinion. :)

      Also do not neglect Yout musician talent. I kinda neglected the painting talent, again cause of the lack of time (capitalism, what can You do but adjust to survive? o.O ). Fortune favors the bold. And persistant.

      Gay people, men in particular, do have a way of being...very natural talents when it comes to arts, aesthethics, fashion and musical numbers...I too have some best gay friends and some of them are the only folk who ever have went with me to the opera without falling asleep. And are funny due to their unorthodoxy. :D Just saying, if you are ever in doubt what shirt to buy, what dress to wear, their counsel is the best. ;)

      I too enjoy our little conversations. Hope to hear more from You! 

      Best of luck in the meantime!

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    • I really am :) Never too late to learn something. 

      I'm from the second biggest city actually. If I was from the capital I would have probably stayed at's easier to leave when your options are not that good, I guess.

      Too busy, will be back with more cast suggestions and some music, maybe.

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    • Haha...I think I know where Sapkowski picked an inspiration for his "werewolf helping Geralt sniff an entrance to the Rissberg caves" story of the SoS. There is this TV show - Grimm - about a police detective in Portland who is a descendant of the Grimm brothers who were sort of witchers themselves. His best buddy is a "blutbad" - a werewolf - who helps him sniff and fight other magic creatures...

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    • Yes, classical folk tales were the ones to be in the essence of the Witcher saga, with the "top notes" so to say being mythology and "upper notes" epic poems. Like "The quantum of thruth" being inspired by Beauty and the Beast (the best musical ever)...

      Should You find an epic poem "Osman" in English I heartily reccomend it. XVII chants, 100 % slavic, by a croatian renaissance writer Ivan Gundulic. The protagonists are the Polish heroes who defended Europe from the Turks in the 17th century, prince Vladislav (like Troyan Hector) and Jan Sobieski. There's love, sacrifice, power struggles, religion, philosophy and exoticism. By the way what I found most thrilling was a "female Achilles", but I don't wanna be the spoiler. Short and appealing, I believe perhaps the only slavic homeric epic poem...

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    • I know it's corky, but all the girls, gay men and straight men with acquired tastes out there: Have you ever wondered are there the perfumes of the sorceresses? ;) I have...Have you ever smelled an essence in real life of syringe and honeysuckle(Yennefer's) or ambre and bulgarian rose( Fringilla's), jasmine and marigold (Philippa's)???

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    • Geralt: Gerard Butler

      Vesemir: Robert Pugh

      Yennefer: Kate Beckinsale

      Triss: Rosamund Pike

      Ciri: Saorsie Ronan

      Dandelion: Jared Leto

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    • Jared as Dandelion is actually perfect. 

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    • Yes...Rethink Vittoria Puccini as Triss, though already stated that Alicia Wikander is perfect, perhaps even Rachel McAdams would do a good job, and Agnes Bruckner as Ciri...Someone even wrote Erica Leersen, though she just doesn't strike me as Triss, let's do a little comparison:

      Erica Leersen as potential Triss


      Vittoria Puccini potential Triss


      Piper Perabo as potential Triss


      Marion Cottilard as potential Triss


      Rachel McAdams my number two choice after Wikander


      Alicia Vikander

        Loading editor
    • I can't get past Alicia with Vittoria close second.

        Loading editor
    • hahaha having seen all of you posting her as a potential Triss me neither, but it's healthy to keep an open mind right? I too couldn't get past Natalie with anyone no way, then I reconsidered and thought hey Caitriona Balfe would do just fine, right? 

      Vikander is really, really number one Triss tops. But that's my opinion and Yours, and what's a wikia discussion without a little democracy spirit? ;) Vikander two votes so far...mine and Yours...

        Loading editor
    • Plus were she in the movie I would not make her wear blue contacts...Yes Sapkowski did depict her as blue eyed but somehow always have I imagined her with a sort of warmth of brown eyes, just like Alicia. Plus in the game they made her eyes brown completely ignoring Sapkowski's description of her, so the gamers would be happy, and I too think it's just fine...

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    • Geralt of rivia-armitage

      Richard Armitage as Geralt

      Geralt of rivia-hd-2

      Richard Armitage as Geralt

      Richard Armitage as Geralt
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    • Too short :P

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    • Agree with SMiki55...That's why we chose Anson Mount...Plus won't you all rethink Michael Fassbender as Vilgefortz? Were Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels in a movie, I could actually picture Fassbender kick Anson Mount's a**... ;) Richard Armitage also insanely hot from a girl's point of view, but in this case height does matter... Wouldn't the battle be epic-Fassbender versus Mount, and Fassbender versus Carrie Anne Moss (Philippa)...I get goosebumps as I imagine it... :)


      Michael Fassbender-the perfect Vilgefortz, both handsome and devious

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    • @SMiki55, who is Your favourite Triss of the actresses posted above? Most votes so far have went to Alicia Wikander...

      Plus a Wikia contributor suggested Rosamund Pike as a potential Triss, though she strikes me more as Margheritha Leux-Antilles, so here's the picture:


      Rosamund Pike as a potential Triss

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    • Too many of candidates to make a choice :P

        Loading editor
    • Are you guys joking? Richard Armitage is 1.89 m and therefore taller than Mr. Hell on Wheels.

        Loading editor
    • Armitage is a better actor (look up his Francis Dolarhyde in the Hannibal series) but Mount looks properly rugged from the get go + his voice sounds more like Geralts. 

      From strictly performance point of view, it is very hard to find someone better than Fassbender to play Vilgefortz. 

      Alicia Vikander as Triss - no contest for me but that isn't a secret and Pike as Marguerita.

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    • Well I must say I'm kinda torn between Armitage and Mount...Think everyone would be happy with either of them in the movie, no mistakes there...Though Mount's voice does remind me more of Geralt's from the game, but both with sexy voice + outstanding acting abilities...

      Yeah, about the Lodge - Natalie Dormer (Yennefer), Alicia Vikander (Triss), Rosamund Pike (Margheritha Leux-Antilles), Famke Janssen ( Philippa Eilhart), Lottee Verbeck (Keira Metz), Selma Blair (Fringilla Vigot) , Dominique Blanc (Marty Sodergren), Diane Kruger/Melanie Laurent (Aenyd aen Gleanna) , Saadet Isil Aksoy (Asire vaar Anahyd) , Amy Adams (Lytta Neyd), Evangeline Lily (Ida Emean aep Sivneigh), Charlotte Salt ( Lydia van Bredervoort), Eva Green (Sile de Tancarville) ...

      Saadet Isil Aksoy as Asire...

      Saadet isil aksoy hollywood yolcusu h22978


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    • Merve Bolugur as Sabrina Glevissigue, none of the hollywood actresses comes to mind regarding Sabrina but her:

      12076 Merve Bolu ur 11

      Merve Bolugur from Magnificent Century as Subrina

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    • After finally watching Hannibal - season 3 and his overall performance in it, Richard Armitage is the best Geralt I could wish for. Amazing, amazing acting - both physical/emotional presence.

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    • Telling You. ;) What of the Lodge cast?

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    • Well. A  lot of work I suppose. I liked most choices, mostly mine :P Kidding. I would probably pick Eva Greene as Phillipa. She would be perfect as Sheala de Tancarville but since Phillipa has a lot more screen time, it would be waste not using such an exceptional actress. Or Caroline Dhavernas from Hannibal as Phillipa - she even pulled of being a lesbian.

      Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 00.21.18

      Phillipa Eilhart - Caroline Dhavernas

      Then Katheryn Winnick as Marguerita and, obviously, Vikander as Triss. Natalie Dormer is probably the best Yennefer I could wish for in terms of acting/personality. The rest - there were some terrific options presented by You and other contributors. Hard to pick a wrong choice, I guess.

      I've re-watched some Bond movies recently as a preparation for the new one and must say that I've found stunning similarity between Daniel Craigs mimics/facial expression/voice/sarcastic humor/overall bearing and how I imagine Geralt to behave. Certainly a viable option, at least for me.

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    • Quite viable, certainly, but only after Armitage, Mount and Jackman... Glad You are still in the discussion, though ;) Yeah, why not Caroline Dhavernas as Philippa? Perhaps a better choice than Carrie Anne Moss (tnx for posting the pic btw :) ). I myself see more of Margueritha in Rosamund Pike for example, but Winnick is ok I guess, especially next to Natalie Dormer (the queen of historical sceneries! )...

      Now that I've given it some thought, perhaps Eva Green would make a good Philippa too, and Caroline Dhavernas Sile?

      How do You like the Turkish actresses? If not Merve Bolugur as Sabrina, then maybe Hayley Atwell-voluptous enough, plus a strong jawline and a choleric energy... ;)? Mentioning her again, just think of them as important as it were the two of them, meaning Keira Metz and Sabrina Glevissigue, who finally destroyed Vilgefortz's keep...

      Btw Fassbender-irreplacable Vilgefortz for me...Just can't think of someone as charming as Cavill to portray not a schemmeing, but quite an evil character... Plus wouldn't it be implausable for Cavill to kick Armitage's a**?


      Hayley Atwell as Sabrina Glevissigue

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    • No biggie, I don't have as much time as I would like. Will look into it later tonight. Mount, Armitage, Jackman...Green, Dhavernas, Pike, Winnick...we most certainly can't go wrong either way, I suppose :)

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    • Well at the moment I only have lectures at college, so in the pauses I look into this forum...  ;)

      What does puzzle me in fact is this: Hayley Atwell or Merve Bolugur as Sabrina?

      Saadet Isyil Aksoy as Asire...Having looked through the "Magnificent century" series and being a big history fan, kinda took up some interest in the Turkish actors...What do You think? Have any Hollywood or other actresses to suggest as them?

      Plus, we lack the merchant Houvenagel...

      Ooh, and one more thing-epic a** kicking - Fassbender vs. Armitage/Mount/Jackman?

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    • As I've already stated - after seeing Armitage in Hannibal, my vote goes to him. Powerful presence and looks very natural in stunt/fighting scenes. So does Fassbender. Plus with my slight aversion towards american actors, a German vs. an Englishman...hell yes. Funny thing - Armitage is actually taller than Fassbender, who is, accidentally, the same height as Mount (and me, actually).

      Problem with Houvenagel is that he is fairly young, if I recall correctly, yet incredibly fat. Hm...will keep thinking.

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    • Hmmm...a slight aversion towards american actors? So both Atwell as an Englishwoman and Bolugur as a Turkishwoman fit for Sabrina?

      I still am thinking about Houvenagel actor, still nothing comes to mind. Btw as Canterella like the most Emily Dequenne...

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    • Its not an aversion. Its just, almost all the better actors I liked in my recent memory were NOT americans. Mostly british and scandinavian. Sure, both actresses fit very well, actually. 

      Btw Mads Mikkelsen would be a sweet Bonhart. He has those "fish eyes" as well as sadistic written all over his face (not just because of his Hannibal gig) and he is also very good in action scenes. Here is his photo with moustache:

      Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 19.58.24

      Leo Bonhart - Mads Mikkelsen

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    • Absolutely. Wow, You really did become a stern Hannibal fan, eh? ;) Can't blame You, here's another...

      Mads Mikkelsen is actually a perfect Bonhart, just as I imagined him in fact...Nice taste.

      Hayley Atwell might even be my favourite actress. Spotted her in "The Pillars of the Earth" where she did wonderfully display an abiltity to portray very dramatic scenes with emotion and passion without overacting. Suggested is actually for a possible Tomb Raider remake...

      Now to the burning question-Ciri...Possib

      Adele Exarchopoulous (Blue is the warmest colour)

      le options:
      Np 5pvs

      Dakota Fanning


      Chloe Grace Moretz


      Saoirse Ronan

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    • Do not want to spoil your fun and all that but, should you use a bit of that activity to realy help wikia ?

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    • My vote goes to Chloe Grace Moretz. Ciri has a wide range of emotions from a traumatized orphan through spoilt and sexually provovactive adolescent brat to a princess of high blood. Kudos to Saroise and Dakota fo their acting prowess an careers but Chloe has this sweet/sarcastic smirk on her face that makes her perfect fit to play Ciri, along with her baby face and big eyes. Plus she reminds me of my sister quite a bit :) Dakota is fine, too but Chloe is my top choice.

      Saroise would be a perfect Iola II. with red hair.

        Loading editor
    • @Juraj103 How? What do You mean exactly?

      Chloe my top favourite too. 

      Plus here's Saoirse with red hair, a perfect Iola the Second:


      Saoirse as Iola II

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    • SORCERESS70 wrote:
      @Juraj103 How? What do You mean exactly?

      Chloe my top favourite too. 

      Plus here's Saoirse with red hair, a perfect Iola the Second:


      Saoirse as Iola II

      Dunno maybe contribute to articles from the Witcher universe ? :)

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    • You can tell us how can we be of any service and we'll think about it. Sure I will. This is just a fan fun, did not actually think I could contribute to the wikia as I strongly believe there must be many more readers with far better knowledge of the witcher universe than myself.

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    • Anson Mount as Geralt would be awesome

      or Mads Mikkelsen

      As for Yennefer - Eva Green 

      or Natalie Dormer

      Triss Merigold - Erica Leerhsen

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    • Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 01.03.16

      Triss - Lyndsy Fonseca

      Vikander is still my red hot favourite as Triss but this lady has caught my eye as well.
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    • @Juraj103 Well didn't I contribute enough starting the discussions such as this one? Don't they make the wikia livelier, as well as all the fans involved due to whom the discussion still exists? ;) Plus I do not what exactly, writing about characters? What did You have in mind? 

      Eva Green is too devoted and serious for Yennefer,perhaps better suited as Sile? Natalie Dormer tops...

      Erica Leerhsen is ok. Have You seen the other posts upwards about the Triss options?

      Joohan, no wonder this one caught Your eye. ;) Still, next to Natalie Dormer or Winnick/Pike wouldn't the balance of the cast be disturbed too much to her favour? Remember that sorceresses in the Witcher are not meant to be insanely beautiful neither plain, but instead seductive and mysterious in the first place above all else-Natalie Dormer a perfect example. I wanted to suggest Olga Kurylenko for Triss, and then I remembered: Hey, the balance of the cast! ;)

      So Vikander in every way possible too my own choice.

      Guys, have a look at Ciri options posted above? Who would You have as Ciri?

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    • Yes, I guess You have a point here. Alicia Vikander it is...oh my word how will I ever live with it...:P

      As I've already stated - Chloe Grace Moretz is my first choice to play a "grown up" Ciri. She has everything, just check out her performance in "Dark Shadows" alongside Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer and Eva Green. Just perfect.

        Loading editor
    • Absolutely. That's the movie I have first spotted her in. But her "Hick" performance absolutely thrilled me, not the movie itself, but her performance alone. Btw Michelle Pffeiffer, now that you've mentioned "Dark Shadows" still my favourite Margueritha despite the age thing. Though Blake Lively would do a good job portraying her too in my opinion, especially since she kinda looks like Margueritha they've made in the game W3, so the gamers would probably be happy too, so as they would with Chloe and Richard Armitage...


      Christina Ricci as Mistle

      Just a thought has occured...;)
      Hick (2012) - Official Trailer HD02:31

      Hick (2012) - Official Trailer HD

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    • Yes. That's our Ciri and she looks very good alongside Anson Mount. Christina Ricci is very good option, too. 

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    • Forget about Mikkelsen as Geralt. The director said that they're looking for an actor who's below 50 (and Mads is 49 already) because he needs to keep up with the role for at least  few years.

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    • And as for the rest of the cast - I'd totally see Eva Green as Yennefer. She totally nails similar aspects of Yen's charateristics in Casino Royale.

        Loading editor
    • wrote:
      And as for the rest of the cast - I'd totally see Eva Green as Yennefer. She totally nails similar aspects of Yen's charateristics in Casino Royale.

      So does Natalie Dormer in almost all of her bigger roles. Eva can play anything, she is that good and after seeing her in Penny Dreadful, she'd be one heck of a sorceress (Yennefer, Philippa Eilhart, Sheala de Tancarville...take your pick).

        Loading editor
    • wrote:
      Forget about Mikkelsen as Geralt. The director said that they're looking for an actor who's below 50 (and Mads is 49 already) because he needs to keep up with the role for at least  few years.

      Since I read that the movie will only have a budget of about 20-30 Mio $, we can already forget about most stars mentioned in this thread:

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    • wrote: wrote:
      Forget about Mikkelsen as Geralt. The director said that they're looking for an actor who's below 50 (and Mads is 49 already) because he needs to keep up with the role for at least  few years.
      Since I read that the movie will only have a budget of about 20-30 Mio $, we can already forget about most stars mentioned in this thread:

      Yeah, I guess we all knew it "might" happen. This is purely a fan fun...sharing ideas and visualisations of our own Witcher fantasies. Its all cool...

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    • A fuel for discussion:

      what about characters from Toussaint? Reynard de Bois Fresnes, Arcides Fierabras, Le Goff?

      And Stefan Skellens pack? Dacre Silifant, Boreas Mun, Til Echrade, Kenna Selborne, etc...?

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    • So what if the budget is low? Starting the discussion I did have this in mind, and I believe that this discussion can still be useful for the producers of the movie to choose the cast within the limits of the budget they have, the cast that is similar to the cast we have chosen as to know what do we fans want. Bearing that in mind, suggesting international cast rather than the Hollywood one was one of the things I wanted this discussion to have, for we might actually see some of the international/european cast suggested in the movie due to the budget...So, anyone having any means to contact the producers, familiarise them with the international cast we have suggested?...

      Kena Selborne- Bree Condon... See Ironclad I. 

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    • Miriam Stein as Triss maybe.

        Loading editor
    • I think Sean Bean would be now old enough to play Vesemir.

        Loading editor
    • Miriam Stein, based on a cursory viewing, would be better Iola I. than Triss. Sean Bean can play anything he wants provided that he wears boiled leather...

      Bree Condon - hell yes.

        Loading editor
    • Bree Condon would make an insanely good Kenna the Empathe, just see her performance in Ironclad: Not to mention she is insanely hot, even if dirty and bloodied...

        Loading editor
    • I've seen Ironclad so I know what You're talking about :)

      I have an idea for Reynart de Bois-Fresnes (I don't recall if this has been discussed before and I'm too lazy to scroll up). After watching "U.N.C.L.E."(Alicia Vikander is georgeous in it btw...), Armie Hammer caught my eye.

      Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.21.38

      Reynart de Bois-Fresnes (Armie Hammer)

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    • Happy "Yule" everybody...

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