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Thou Shalt Not Pass is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in Velen. It can be triggered by speaking to a guard either on the bridge leading to the Border Post or the Western Gate.

Objectives Edit

  • Acquire a pass granting permission to cross the Pontar.
  • Use the pass to cross the Pontar.

Summary Edit

Both bridges across the Pontar are closed, and heavily guarded by Redanian troops because of the recent war. Whether you're trying to head through the Western Gate into Oxenfurt, or you're trekking through the mud and human misery to access the Border Post in Velen.

Until this quest is completed, you cannot use the main thoroughfares to traverse the Pontar. However, some slightly less orthodox methods are available such as swimming across the river at a safe distance from any border posts. Fast-traveling between signposts on opposing sides on the river is also allowed even without the necessary papers.

Fake Papers or Bitter Harvest Edit

Journey to the refugee camp, and wade through the human flotsam to locate the shady merchant—a man shouting that he’s able to provide such a pass… for a fee. At this point, Secondary Quest: Fake Papers begins. Consult that quest for options on obtaining the pass. 

End: Everything’s in order Edit

Once you have your pass to hand, bring up your World Map, and note the two areas (Oxenfurt’s Western Gate, and the Border Post) that can be accessed. Approach the border soldiers, show them your pass, and after a bit of banter, you’re allowed through. The quest concludes. 

Journal entry Edit

The Redanian army had placed blockades on the crossings of the Pontar, something which at one point proved quite inconvenient to the witcher. The guards refused to let him cross without showing a special pass issued by high command.
Luckily Geralt managed to get his hands on just such a pass and from then on could cross the Pontar border at will. I hope he did not abuse this privilege, jumping back and forth across the border, making faces at the poor wretches stuck on one side and taunting the guards who had no right to stop his antics. He mentioned nothing of the sort, true, but that's just the kind of thing one might choose to keep to oneself.

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