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Thou Shalt Not Pass is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in Velen. It can be triggered on the bridge to Border Post or Western Gate.

Summary Edit

The bridges across Pontar River are both closed, and heavily guarded by Redanian troops because of the recent war. Whether you’re trying to head through the Western Gate into Oxenfurt, or you’re trekking through the mud and human misery to access the Border Post in Velen.

You cannot use the main thoroughfares (though swimming across is possible, but beware of archers). Speak to one of the soldiers on the border, and they tell you a pass is required for safe passage.

Fake Papers or Bitter Harvest Edit

Journey to the refugee camp, and wade through the human flotsam to locate the shady merchant—a man shouting that he’s able to provide such a pass… for a fee. At this point, Secondary Quest: Fake Papers begins. Consult that quest for options on obtaining the pass. 

End: Everything’s in order Edit

Once you have your pass to hand, bring up your World Map, and note the two areas (Oxenfurt’s Western Gate, and the Border Post) that can be accessed. Approach the border soldiers, show them your pass, and after a bit of banter, you’re allowed through. The quest concludes. 

Journal entry Edit

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Walkthrough Edit

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