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Journal bomb

Note: This article concerns only the original computer game. For more information regarding bombs, see the bombs category.

Bombs are made in advance to be used later in combat. They work best if used in the quickslots. Below is a list of bombs in alphabetical order, including alphabetized lists of ingredients. To make bombs, you also need "black powder" and bomb-making ingredients.



  • Bomb creation requires the Bomb Preparation skill.
  • All bombs explode upon use.
  • Bomb effects do stack.

The act of making a bomb is identical to making a potion or an oil. It is done during meditation, via the alchemy panel.

Image Name Ingredients Effect
Bomb Devils puffball Devil's Puffball Substances Small AetherSubstances Small AetherSubstances Small HydragenumSubstances Small Rebis Sprays a cloud of poison, affecting nearby enemies; those resistant to poison might not be harmed.
Bomb Dragons dream Dragon's Dream Substances Small HydragenumSubstances Small HydragenumSubstances Small QuebrithSubstances Small RebisSubstances Small Vermilion Releases a cloud of flammable gas which causes a destructive explosion when ignited.
Bomb King and queen King and Queen Substances Small AetherSubstances Small RebisSubstances Small Rebis Evokes fear in the hearts of opponents.
Bomb Samum Samum Substances Small AetherSubstances Small RebisSubstances Small RebisSubstances Small Vermilion Stuns any creatures within range, provided they are not immune to this effect.
Bomb Zerrikanian sun Zerrikanian Sun Substances Small AetherSubstances Small HydragenumSubstances Small QuebrithSubstances Small Vermilion Releases a flash of light, blinding all nearby opponents.
Bomb unknown unknown bomb unknown This bomb may not actually appear in the game, but possibly it can be made through experimentation. Its effect is unknown.
Bomb failed failed bomb unknown This appears to be a failed bomb, i.e. one made with an invalid combination of ingredients.

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