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This page covers the decisions you have to make during The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  and the way they impact the further story. For the decision checklist for the original game see The Witcher decision checklist. For the decision checklist for the 2nd game, see The Witcher 2 decision checklist .

Prologue Edit

Act I Edit

Annabelle's cursed spirit Edit

Decision: bring Annabelle's bones to Graham or bring Graham to her.


  • Refusing Annabelle's request: If Geralt refuses to bring Annabelle's bones to Graham, she asks Geralt to bring Graham to her. But she already doesn't trust Geralt, and reveals herself as a Plague Maiden and attacks him. Geralt is able to fight her, but she can't die until the curse is broken. Keira advises Geralt to see Graham about lifting the curse. Geralt goes to Graham and informs him of the curse and Annabelle becoming a Pesta, and that her forgiving Graham can break the curse, but he needs to be there to prove his love to her.

They go to the island where they are attacked by wraiths of the victims of the curse, blaming Graham for their misery. They make it to the top of the tower, where the pesta waits. Graham explains he didn't mean to leave her and that he still loves her, so she asks him to prove it by kissing her. Graham kisses her, as she returns to a human form, and dies, reunited with her, and lifts the curse.

Rewards: Geralt receives 500 exp.

  • Bringing the Bones to Graham: Once Geralt acquires the bones, he takes them to the fisherman, Graham. Graham admits his role in allowing the peasants access to the island leading to the massacre, and not knowing his love was still alive when she drank the potion. Geralt gives her bones to Graham to bury and leaves. However, before he gets far, Geralt hears a scream from Graham's cabin, and finds him dead, surrounded by rats with his Annabelle floating over him in her true appearance as a pesta. Now that the bones are off the island, the curse is broken, but now Annabelle is free to roam the world to spread plague and she will almost ruin Kerack.

Rewards: Geralt receives 270 exp.

 The Whispering Hillock's spirit Edit

Decision: Free the spirit or kill de spirit.


  • Spirit dies: If Geralt kills the spirit (whether through direct fighting or tricking it), the village of Downwarren is safe. The orphans in the bog, however, are taken by the Crones, most likely to be eaten. Anna goes crazy over the loss, but survives, and her husband takes her away from the bog to seek help from far away.
  • Spirit is free: If the spirit is freed, it saves the children from the Crones, who are eventually placed in the care of Marabella at Novigrad. However, the spirit attacks Downwarren, killing most of the villagers. The Crones punish Anna for losing the children and curse her as a Sea Hag. When Geralt removes the curse, Anna dies due to the nature of the curse keeping her alive, and her husband commits suicide over the loss.

Act II Edit

Act III Edit

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