Each Ability belongs to a certain branch marked by a special color. These branches are: Combat (red), Signs (blue), Alchemy (green), and General (brown). With the exception of the general branch, the first row of each (the core abilities) are unlocked at the start.

Note that after the second row, a certain number of points are required in that branch before they can be unlocked. However, you do not need to have the previous skill in a column to unlock the one below it. For example, if you don't have any points in Undying, but want Razor Focus, you can still put points in the latter once you've unlocked the row.

Once an ability is unlocked, they can then be put into an ability slot. You can place an ability in any of the four groups, but if all 3 in a group are the same color, you receive an additional bonus depending on the color of the connected mutagen. To get the most out of your abilities, place mutagens into the diamond-shaped slots on the Character panel that corresponds to that group's color. Red gives a bonus to attack power, blue to sign intensity, and green to vitality. This rule does not apply to the general abilities (brown).

Ciri also has her own special abilities: "Charge" and "Blink", both of which use "Energy."

Combat Edit

Hover over an ability to learn more about its benefits. The number after each skill denotes how many levels it has.
Combat Abilities Points Needed:
Tw3 ability fast attack
Fast Attack
Tw3 ability strong attack
Strong Attack
Tw3 ability defense
Tw3 ability marksmanship
Tw3 ability battle trance
Battle Trance
Tw3 ability muscle memory
Muscle Memory (5)
Tw3 ability strength training
Strength Training (5)
Tw3 ability arrow deflection
Arrow Deflection (3)
Tw3 ability lighning reflexes
Lightning Reflexes (3)
Tw3 ability resolve
Resolve (5)
Tw3 ability precise blows
Precise Blows (5)
Tw3 ability crushing blows
Crushing Blows (5)
Tw3 ability fleet footed
Fleet Footed (5)
Tw3 ability cold blood
Cold Blood (5)
Tw3 ability undying
Undying (5)
Tw3 ability whirl
Whirl (5)
Tw3 ability rend
Rend (5)
Tw3 ability counterattack
Counterattack (3)
Tw3 ability anatomical knowledge
Anatomical Knowledge (5)
Tw3 ability razor focus
Razor Focus (5)
Tw3 ability crippling strikes
Crippling Strikes (5)
Tw3 ability sunder armor
Sunder Armor (5)
Tw3 ability deadly precision
Deadly Precision (2)
Tw3 ability crippling shot
Crippling Shot (5)
Tw3 ability flood of anger
Flood of Anger (5)

Signs Edit

Hover over an ability to learn more about its benefits. The number after each skill denotes how many levels it has.
Signs Abilities Points Needed:
Tw3 ability aard sign
Aard Sign
Tw3 ability igni sign
Igni Sign
Tw3 ability yrden sign
Yrden Sign
Tw3 ability quen sign
Quen Sign
Tw3 ability axii sign
Axii Sign
Tw3 ability far reaching aard
Far-Reaching Aard (3)
Tw3 ability melt armor
Melt Armor (5)
Tw3 ability sustained glyphs
Sustained Glyphs (2)
Tw3 ability exploding shield
Exploding Shield (3)
Tw3 ability delusion
Delusion (3)
Tw3 ability aard sweep
Aard Sweep (3)
Tw3 ability firestream
Firestream (3)
Tw3 ability magic trap
Magic Trap (3)
Tw3 ability active shield
Active Shield (3)
Tw3 ability puppet
Puppet (3)
Tw3 ability aard intensity
Aard Intensity (5)
Tw3 ability igni intensity
Igni Intensity (5)
Tw3 ability yrden intensity
Yrden Intensity (5)
Tw3 ability quen intensity
Quen Intensity (5)
Tw3 ability axii intensity
Axii Intensity (5)
Tw3 ability shock wave
Shock Wave (5)
Tw3 ability pyromaniac
Pyromaniac (5)
Tw3 ability supercharged glyphs
Supercharged Glyphs (5)
Tw3 ability quen discharge
Quen Discharge (5)
Tw3 ability domination
Domination (3)

Alchemy Edit

Hover over an ability to learn more about its benefits. The number after each skill denotes how many levels it has.
Alchemy Abilities Points Needed:
Tw3 ability brewing
Tw3 ability oil preparation
Oil Preparation
Tw3 ability bomb creation
Bomb Creation
Tw3 ability mutation
Tw3 ability trial of the grasses
Trial of the Grasses
Tw3 ability heightened tolerance
Heightened Tolerance (5)
Tw3 ability poisoned blades
Poisoned Blades (5)
Tw3 ability steady aim
Steady Aim (3)
Tw3 ability acquired tolerance
Acquired Tolerance (3)
Tw3 ability frenzy
Frenzy (3)
Tw3 ability refreshment
Refreshment (5)
Tw3 ability protective coating
Protective Coating (5)
Tw3 ability pyrotechnics
Pyrotechnics (5)
Tw3 ability tissue transmutation
Tissue Transmutation (5)
Tw3 ability endure pain
Endure Pain (5)
Tw3 ability delayed recovery
Delayed Recovery (3)
Tw3 ability fixative
Fixative (3)
Tw3 ability efficiency
Efficiency (5)
Tw3 ability synergy
Synergy (5)
Tw3 ability fast metabolism
Fast Metabolism (5)
Tw3 ability side effects
Side Effects (5)
Tw3 ability hunter instinct
Hunter Instinct (5)
Tw3 ability cluster bombs
Cluster Bombs (5)
Tw3 ability adaptation
Tw3 ability killing spree
Killing Spree (5)

General Edit

Hover over an ability to learn more about its benefits. No points are needed to unlock a row.
General Abilities
Tw3 ability sun and stars
Sun and Stars
Tw3 ability survival instinct
Survival Instinct
Tw3 ability cat school techniques
Cat School Techniques
Tw3 ability griffin school techniques
Griffin School Techniques
Tw3 ability bear school techniques
Bear School Techniques
Tw3 ability steady shot
Steady Shot
Tw3 ability rage management
Rage Management
Tw3 ability adrenaline burst
Adrenaline Burst
Tw3 ability focus
Tw3 ability metabolic control
Metabolic Control
Tw3 ability metabolism boosts
Metabolism Boosts
Tw3 trick shot
Trick Shot
Tw3 ability advanced pyrotechnics
Advanced Pyrotechnics
Tw3 ability battle frenzy
Battle Frenzy
Tw3 ability strong back
Strong Back
Tw3 ability gorged on power
Gorged on Power
Tw3 ability gourmet
Tw3 ability in combats fires
In Combat's Fires
Tw3 ability heavy artillery
Heavy Artillery
Tw3 ability attack is the best defense
Attack is the Best Defense

Guides Edit

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