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If you begin The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings without importing a saved game file from the original game, then Geralt has the following starting equipment:

Original release Patch 1.2 Version 2.0
  • no change
  • no change
Blue Stripes Combat Jacket DLC

Ultimate Mage's Outfit DLC

Ultimate Alchemist's Outfit DLC

Statistics changed

  • Blue Stripes combat jacket
  • Mage's trousers
  • None
Ultimate Swordsman's Outfit DLC

Ultimate Mage's Outfit DLC

  • 4 whirl removed
  • no change
  • no change
  • no change
  • no change
Alchemy ingredients
  • None
Ultimate Alchemist's Outfit DLC

  • 7 balisse removed
  • 7 cortinarius removed
  • 7 mandrake root removed
  • 2 verbena removed
  • 7 wolfsbane removed
  • 10 bryonia removed
  • 15 celandine removed
  • 15 scleroderm removed
  • 15 white myrtle petals removed
  • no change
  • no change
Diagrams and formulae
  • no change
  • no change

If you do import a saved game, then depending on the state of that game, Geralt might also have:

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