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General Edit

Map markers Edit

Tw2 mapmarker player First and foremost, the player marker, you, or Geralt if you prefer. Also indicating the direction Geralt is facing.
Tw2 mapmarker trackedquest The location of a site to explore for the currently tracked quest.
Tw2 mapmarker craftsman Location of a craftsman.
Tw2 mapmarker shop Location of a merchant or shop.
Tw2 mapmarker inn Location of an inn.

Mini-map markers Edit

Tw2 mapmarker friend Location of a friendly NPC.
Tw2 mapmarker foe Location of a hostile NPC.

Tw2 icon training Prologue Edit

Tw2 map compass

Tw2 icon numberone Chapter I Edit

Tw2 icon numbertwo Chapter II Edit

Tw2 icon numberthree Chapter III Edit

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