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The Witcher: Killing Monsters is a special graphic novel from series The Witcher comic books published by Dark Horse Comics in May 19th 2015, available with the preorder of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in some regions. As the other issues of this comics series the story of "Killing Monsters" is written by Paul Tobin and the cover illustrated by Joe Querio.

Also the colloration was done by Carlos Badilla as of most of the other parts of this series. But in opposite to other volumes the arts are made by Max Bertolini.

Story Edit

Plot is set before the events shown in the famous Killing Monsters cinematic trailer: Vesemir and Geralt are looking for Yennefer. In the small town of Vorune, occupied by troops of Nilfgaard, they looking for work and take a contract for 40 Floren to kill a man-eating monster, a Fiend. But the giant beast is not the only murderer in this region...

Characters Edit

Monsters Edit

Locations Edit

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Notes & references Edit

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