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The Witcher: Curse of Crows is a digital comic book series set in the CD Projekt video game continuity. Its written by Paul TobinBorys Pugacz-MuraszkiewiczKarolina Stachyra and Travis Currit, illustrated by Piotr Kowalski and published by Dark Horse Comics in 2016.

Official statement Edit

First Issue Edit

Witchers Geralt and Ciri become embroiled in a brutal story of revenge when an old enemy creates a monster to kill them. What seems like a simple rescue mission quickly becomes more complex and dangerous with the involvement of werewolf-like creatures known as strigas.[2]

Second Issue Edit

Witchers Geralt and Ciri have heard whispers about a striga on the road to Novigrad. Geralt is one of few men who have faced one of these werewolf-like creatures and lived to tell the tale. Is this his past come back to haunt him?[3]

Third Issue Edit

Coming soon!

Fourth Issue Edit

Coming soon!

Fifth Issue Edit

Coming soon!

Characters Edit

Monsters Edit

Translations Edit

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Notes & references Edit

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