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Tedd Deireadh during White Frost age

The White Frost, or "White Chill", is one of the omens prophesied by Ithlinne as heralding the beginning of the end of the world. Many attributed climate changes to the prophecy.

The Witcher 3: Wild HuntEdit

The White Frost is a phenomenon that results in the freezing of entire planets. While the most powerful magics may seemingly slow its pace on a regional level, it is widely understood to be an inevitable end of all worlds. Whether this is the result of a natural force, a malevolent entity, or an entirely different cause is not revealed.

While trying to reach the world of the Aen Elle elves, Geralt and Avallac'h transition to Tedd Deireadh, a world completely consumed by the White Frost. Documents found here tell of the White Frost process as being slow and steady, manifesting as unending snowfall. This eventually leads to the cessation of all settlement sustaining activities, and the supplies of survivors inevitably dwindle until exhaustion, followed by death.

After the defeat of the Wild Hunt, another Conjunction of the Spheres begins, and Avallac'h and Ciri head to a tower on Undvik to halt the White Frost. Ciri, being the last vessel of the Elder blood, heads through a portal to confront the White Frost. Depending on whether Geralt chose to show that he cherishes Ciri, that he trusts her judgement and encourages her confidence or not, Ciri will survive or die in the confrontation.

There is also a book found in Ermion's laboratory in keep of Kaer Trolde describing the phenomenon. Weight of book is 0.26 and base price is 10Oren3.

The White Frost entry Edit

One can hear Ithlinne's Prophecy whispered at every market, garbled and reused by every village witch, delved into in any treatise touching on sooths and diviners and in general saturating our common culture. We all know that "the time of the Wolf's Blizzard approaches, the Time of the White Frost" and that "the world will perish amidst ice." But few truly understand the meaning of these words.
The self-proclaimed prophets who shout out Ithlinne's words mistake stars reflected in a still pond for the sky. For the White Frost is no legend or mythical apocalypse. It is a natural phenomenon that can be described in the dry yet precise language of scholarship.
The renowned scholar of Thorn's studies have clearly shown that our world is not the center of the universe, but one of a thousand such globes spinning in the endless darkness of space. This space is usually described as a vacuum - yet to do so is grossly misleading, for through this "vacuum" swims, invisible to the naked eye, the White Frost.
We do not know exactly what the White Frost is - perhaps a microscopic dust that blocks the incoming light of the sun? Perhaps infinitesimal particles of the sort postulated by Democritus of Ban Ard, with the unusual property of sucking up warmth as a sponge does water?
We know for a certainty however, that, thanks to the telescopic observations of elven astronomers, the White Frost, whatever it is, has already destroyed a great many worlds. The star systems in which it appears perish into lifeless hunks of ice over the course of a few decades. Furthermore, each scholar is agreed that the White Frost will one day come to our world. Ithlinne's Prophecy, though based on magic intuition and not scientific observation, thus appears to foretell the truth.
Many mages are skeptical about the theses presented here. I recommend they carry out the same experiment I have conducted in my own laboratory. Using the spell Portus Asterum, open a microscopic portal for three and a half seconds to the coordinates 03 31 48 90, 89 27 09 34. Yet before you do, dress in your warmest furs and ready an axe for breaking through thick ice.

Trivia Edit

  • The White Frost is thematically similar to the theoretical fate of the universe known as Heat Death or possibly inspired from a period in geological history called Snowball Earth.
  • White Frost depicted in the books seems to be more of a natural ecological process, rather than the mystical, hostile force it was shown to be in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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