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The Warble of a Smitten Knight is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine Expansion.

Journal entry Edit

Tradition has sanctified two codes of conduct in Toussaint: the teachings of the Prophet Lebioda and the chivalric principles which guide its knights. These latter call for young men to prove their abilities through feats of daring during tourneys. One such knight, Guillaume, sought to stand out from the rest by fighting a shaelmaar and was injured as a result.
Afterwards, he pleaded with Geralt to visit him in the medics' tent. He said he had a very urgent matter to discuss.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Visit Guillaume in the medics' camp.
  • Follow Guillaume to the shooting range.
  • Go to the inscription tent and enter the tourney.
  • Go to the shooting range.
  • Use your Witcher senses to investigate Vivienne's tent.
  • Go to the entrance to the racing course.
  • Win the horse race.
  • [Geralt of Rivia] Defeat Anséis in a mounted duel.
  • [Ravix of Fourhorn] Defeat Tailles and his thugs.
  • Confront Vivienne.
  • Defeat the opposing team.
  • Fight the arena champion.
  • Go to the glade with Vivienne and Guillaume.
  • Kill the panther.

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