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These notes can be found at the top of the rocks overlooking Sabrina Glevissig's shrine east of the Visionary's house, only accessible after Geralt awakes after the vision induced by drinking the Visionary's potion during the quest "The Path to Vision".

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My Path to the Light – first fragment
[…] I must be repentant, after years spent living in error. No soldierly vice was too vile for me. During my years of service, I embraced gambling, alcohol, sloth, lies and evil profanity. I took lives, and not just when ordered. I was cruel. Today I see clearly that I had sunk into a darkness from the depths of which I could not see the light. Miss Sabrina Glevissig, bright and pure as a goddess, shone like the light of a candle in the blackest night. She always supported the soldiers and tried to draw me on to the path of righteousness. Yet I was blind to the light. […]

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