The Trial of Grasses and other secret Witcher practices, seen by my own eyes is a manuscript written by Carla Demetia Crest, a sorceress and graduate of Aretuza and available exclusively to the Brotherhood of Sorcerers.

Excerpt Edit

On the third day all the children died save one, a male barely ten. Hitherto agitated by a sudden madness, he fell at once into deep stupor. His eyes took on a glassy gaze, incessantly with his hands did he clutch at clothing, or brandish them in the air as if desirous of catching a quill. His breathing grew loud and hoarse; sweat cold, clammy and malodorous appeared on his skin. Then he was once more given elixir through the vein and the seizure it did return. This time a nose-bleed did ensue, coughing turned to vomiting, after which the male weakened entirely and became inert.

For two days more did symptoms not subside. The child's skin, hitherto drenched in sweat, grew dry and hot, the pulse ceased to be full and firm — albeit remaining of average strength, slow rather than fast. No more did he wake, nor did he scream.

Finally, came the seventh day. The make awoke and opened his eyes, and his eyes were those of a viper...
pg. 77, Blood of Elves (UK edition)