The Treatment of Furuncles Through Cauterization: A Study is a book in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Everyone's seen a boil, usually more than they'd care to. These deformities don't just mar your beauty – they can be signs of disease, or even the disease's cause and epicenter. If your lungs wheeze and your heart flutters, or if your just sick of pustules, you can carve them off and be free of this ill for good.
When you carve off a boil, use a sharp knife which've you've had a dog lick thoroughly beforehand, for a dog's tongue works wonders in healing wounds. You got to be brave as you go about it, slicing as confidently and steadily as if carving off a hunk of cheese. Then quickly cauterize the resultant wound using a red-hot poker. Don't pay any mind to screams or tears. Pus, bile and any other humors need to be gathered in a basin, then dumped in a pit and the pit covered, else the illness might return.