The Tower Outta Nowheres is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is first encountered on Urialla Harbor at An Skellig of the Skellige Isles.

Walkthrough Edit

As Geralt arrived on Urialla Harbor at the island of An Skellig, a terrible storm had quickly engulfed the place. Amidst the battering rain, the witcher was able to overhear talk of a magical tower that the villagers wanted gone. Geralt approached the fishermen in their time of need as they called out to him. A fisherman soon led the witcher aside and pointed towards a tower in the distance set atop a knoll. Apparently, the knoll had for centuries known no structures built atop it except for one morning when this tower had appeared out of nowhere. Coincidentally or not, the weather had suddenly beset the island an endless downpour of rain ever since. Worried about the safety of their livelihood, this led the fisherman to ask Geralt for help to drive away the storm by dealing with the tower. According to the man, the whole village had already tried visiting the tower to decide whether to welcome its owner or drive them off but upon entry, they could not get past a water-like sheet of magic. They sent a druid and five other villagers in but none ever came back. If Geralt agrees to investigate the tower, the fisherman may also ask him to find out what happened to the men they sent. The witcher now decided to pay this tower a visit.

After slaying a cyclops on the way, he reached the tower and entered it to find a stairwell blocked on the way up but leading to a portal on the way down. Upon entering said portal, Geralt got teleported to an underground chamber guarded by a golem. The portal closed behind him and a voice uttered: "Intruder detected! Cease your intrusion. Leave at once. Failure to leave when summoned. Intruder neutralization commenced!" After this most welcoming greeting, the golem started lunging at the witcher but Geralt triumphed nevertheless.

Inspecting the new environment, he found two of the remains of those that came before him flanked by three large doorways blocked by magical barriers. Behind one of the barriers was a man urging him to come closer. Upon approach, the man recognized the witcher and mistook him to be sent by King Tankred or the Society of Magic. Apparently, the man had thought that he was still in Kovir. Geralt swiftly corrected him on where they were and who hired him. He explained that the tower was outfitted with a Defensive Regulatory Magicon, a magical defensive system designed to make sure only the owner had access by locking down all rooms to deny access to any intruder. This system had apparently done just that to its owner so the man explained that to deactivate the system, Geralt must find a treatise made by the previous owner called "Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire" for the man to circumvent the security measures and take the tower back to Kovir.

This man further introduced himself as Sigo Buntz, a court mage from Pont Vanis, who bought the tower at an auction. The tower had apparently been auctioned off by the heirs of the previous owner, Gottfried Stammfeld, a mage of some renown, because they feared that what had disabled Gottfried were the contents of the colored jars in his tower. Attracted by the tower, Sigo purchased it but when he tried to access it, it initiated an evacuation sequence that promptly teleported it to Skellige which caused electromagnetic disturbances to generate into a storm over the island. To the witcher's dismay, Sigo also confirmed that the former Skelliger led by a druid came a few days past and did not heed the warnings. If Geralt agrees to find the tome, Sigo will point him to the laboratory where a key for the library can be found. Geralt must now then head past the barrier opposite them to find the laboratory on the left and the library straight ahead.

After the tower's defenses flooded the halls, the witcher swam towards the laboratory and dealt with some teleported monsters in the form of alghouls, a gargoyle, a werewolf, and a cow. Once they were dealt, Geralt found the key in a small chest on the lab's table and yet again the remains of one of the skelligers sent to the place. The witcher then swam back and proceeded to unlock the door to the library. After inspecting the books around the place and finding yet another victim of the tower, he finally found Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire. Geralt then quickly returned to Sigo as the tower funneled in poisonous gas in the library. Once the tome has been given, he'll dispel the barrier and lead the witcher to the central chamber where he can finally cast the deactivating spell.

Geralt followed the Koviri mage into the chamber and protected him while he casted the final deactivating spell. The witcher now faced an earth elemental with the added electrical shocks around the room. After vanquishing the elemental, Sigo finished the spell successfully and rewarded Geralt for freeing him. Geralt then asked him to calm the storm and take the tower back to Kovir which Sigo gladly accepted. After advising the witcher to visit him at Pont Vanis if he's ever at Kovir, Sigo casted his final spell and teleported Geralt just off the coast of Urialla Harbor. As Geralt swam back to the village, the villagers smiled and rejoiced at his return saying that the tower and storm were finally gone as he fell from the sky. From here, the witcher can agree to take his pay or tell them about the mage's payment. Whichever choice he took, one of the villagers will ask about his brother, Hurn, and what happened to the other skelligers who went in. Geralt can opt to break the news of their fate or tell him that he didn't find anyone. If he tells him of their fate, he'll leave in sadness but if Geralt doesn't, he'll hang on to the hope that his brother lived.

Journal entry Edit

Wind-whipped and rain-battered, Geralt stumbled into a small village on the coast of An Skellig. The foul weather, he learned, had cursed this spot ever since a mysterious tower appeared one morning out of thin air, as if placed by an invisible giant's hand. Intrigued, Geralt decided to investigate.
While traversing the An Skellig coast, Geralt suddenly found himself beset by a fierce storm. A tower stuck awkwardly out of a nearby hill, and, though his medallion tingled as he neared it, Geralt decided to seek shelter there from the driving rain...
The tower, as one might have predicted, was endowed with magic. To be precise, it was equipped with a Defensive Regulatory Magicon, a mystical apparatus that treated every entrant save the tower's original owner as a dangerous intruder. That is why it had locked Sigo Buntz, the Koviri mage who had purchased the tower at auction, in a cell inside his new property. It tried to do the same with Geralt, but to a determined witcher, a tower full of magic trickery is no obstacle.
Following Sigo's instructions, Geralt found a tome in the depths of the library entitled "Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire." He and the mage used the secrets contained within to disable the tower's defenses. Once free, Sigo, bursting with gratitude, rewarded Geralt (generously, I hope, for the witcher never said exactly how), transported him in a flash to the village where it had all started (well, to be precise, to the bay off the coast from the village), then whisked the tower away for good. Once it was gone, all that remained of the storm were a few puddles and scattered clouds in the otherwise bright and sunny sky. The gathered villagers went wild with joy and showered Geralt with well-deserved thanks.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to the villagers.
  • Enter the tower.
  • Defeat the golem.
  • Explore the tower.
  • Talk to the man trapped behind the magic barrier.
  • Find the key to the library using your Witcher Senses.
  • Enter the library.
  • Find "Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire" using your Witcher Senses.
  • Bring the mage "Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire."
  • Break the tower's defenses with the mage's help.
  • Talk to the mage.
  • Talk to the villagers.

Trivia Edit

  • This mission seems to be the Developer's take on DRM. In the mission, you come across Sigo Buntz, a mage who is trapped in a tower. The tower was purchased pre-owned by the mage, making him the legal owner of it. But because he is not the tower's original owner, the tower's Defensive Regulatory Magicon (DRM) locks him out of his tower. You must track down Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire (GOG) to unlock the tower.

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