The Tower Outta Nowheres is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It takes place on Skellige.

Journal entry Edit

Wind-whipped and rain-battered, Geralt stumbled into a small village on the coast of An Skellig. The foul weather, he learned, had cursed this spot ever since a mysterious tower appeared one morning out of thin air, as if placed by an invisible giant's hand. Intrigued, Geralt decided to investigate.
While traversing the An Skellig coast, Geralt suddenly found himself beset by a fierce storm. A tower stuck awkwardly out of a nearby hill, and, though his medallion tingled as he neared it, Geralt decided to seek shelter there from the driving rain…
The tower, as one might have predicted, was endowed with magic. To be precise, it was equipped with a Defensive Regulatory Magicon, a mystical apparatus that treated every entrant save the tower's original owner as a dangerous intruder. That is why it had locked Sigo Buntz, the Koviri mage who had purchased the tower at auction, in a cell inside his new property. It tried to do the same with Geralt, but to a determined witcher, a tower full of magic trickery is no obstacle.
Following Sigo's instructions, Geralt found a tome in the depths of the library entitled "Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire." He and the mage used the secrets contained within to disable the tower's defenses. Once free, Sigo, bursting with gratitude, rewarded Geralt (generously, I hope, for the witcher never said exactly how), transported him in a flash to the village where it had all started (well, to be precise, to the bay off the coast from the village), then whisked the tower away for good. Once it was gone, all that remained of the storm were a few puddles and scattered clouds in the otherwise bright and sunny sky. The gathered villagers went wild with joy and showered Geralt with well-deserved thanks.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to the villagers
  • Enter the tower
  • Defeat the golem
  • Explore the tower
  • Talk to the man trapped behind the magic barrier
  • Find the key to the library using your Witcher Senses
  • Enter the library
  • Find "Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire" using your Witcher Senses
  • Bring the mage "Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire"
  • Break the tower's defenses with the mage's help
  • Talk to the mage
  • Talk to the villagers

Trivia Edit

  • This mission seems to be the Developer's take on DRM. In the mission, you come across Sigo Buntz, a mage who is trapped in a tower. The tower was purchased pre-owned by the mage, making him the legal owner of it. But because he is not the tower's original owner, the tower's Defensive Regulatory Magicon (DRM) locks him out of his tower. You must track down Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire (GOG) to unlock the tower.

Videos Edit

The Tower Outta Nowheres - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 106 - Let's Play Hard26:05

The Tower Outta Nowheres - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 106 - Let's Play Hard

The Tower Outta Nowheres on Death March!