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Reading this book adds a glossary entry entitled "The Special Forces" in Geralt's journal.

Journal Entry Edit

The creation of these formations began it turned out that shitty shield bearers are as good at fighting the mobile Scoia'tael units as a knight's saddle on a pig. The first special forces were formed by king Demavend, and they were commanded by the infamous White Rayla. Their effectiveness wend (sic) hand in hand with cruelty and ruthlessness in their battles with the Squirrels, and their hatred to nonhumans usually extended, mildly speaking, beyond professional spheres. Elves from the units had equally strong enmity towards them, and the clashes between the partisans and the special forces were always extremely brutal and bloody. Besides fighting the Scoia'tael, the Temerian special forces carried out a variety of other dangerous tasks, justly earning their reputation of effective professionals.

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