Rings Prophet Lebiodas signet

A fancy gold signet ring with a black stone. The bootblack says that it is especially revered by the elderly and that he got it from a shelter (but then he trails off). Although this ring can not be bought initially, once acquired, it can be sold and then repurchased, hence the prices below. It can be used at Shani's house to bypass Grandma.

Price Edit

Buy Sell

200 Items Oren

100 Items Oren

Source Edit

  • Given to Geralt by the bootblack in Chapter II in exchange for Shadow People, or the story of His Majesty's Secret Service.
  • You must talk with the Bootblack first and tell him that he doesn't talk like someone from common folk.
  • You can only find the book from Thaler after a drinking contest. You need 9 beers to win.