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The Pali Gap Coast is an isolated cavern found north of Undvik and west of Kaer Almhult. It was used as a secret lab by Avallac'h to study in secret Ciri's powers.

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Map description Edit

Elders say an isolated cave on this coast was once used as a retreat by the world's most famous bard (before the rise of Dandelion, that is): the great Xirdneh of Zanguebar, renowned from Nazair to the Dragon Mountains for his ferocious lute-strumming.

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Trivia Edit

This location is a reference to Jimi Hendrix in many ways:

  • Pali Gap, a guitar instrumental, is one of his songs.
  • Xirdneh backwards is Hendrix.
  • The map description describes Xirdneh as a musician famous for his 'ferocious lute-strumming'. Jimi Hendrix was a renowned electric guitarist best known for his fast and intricate solos.