The Northern Wars: Myths, Lies, and Propaganda is a critical treatment of the history of the Northern Wars written by Restif de Montholon. It is especially critical of the tactics of Joachim de Wett and Menno Coehoorn.

The majority of historians tend to award the process, conviction and execution of Joachim de Wett to the violent, cruel and tyrannical nature of Emperor Emhyr. Especially some works, whose authors have a fondness for literature about revenge and personal reckoning. The time has come to tell the truth, a truth that for a thorough researcher is obvious. The Duke de Wett commanded the Verden Operations Group to which the word "ineffective" is extraordinarily delicate. Although having been arrayed against forces with at least twice their numbers, separated from the offensive in the north, he directed all of their activities to fighting the Verden guerrillas. The Verden Operations Group committed unheard of atrocities against civilians. The results were easy to foresee and inexcusable – in the winter the insurgent forces were calculated at about five hundred armed men, by the spring it was almost the entire country. King Ervyll, an imperial ally, was murdered and the uprising was led by his son, Prince Kistrin, a northerner sympathizer. Flanked by the pirate's ships of Skellige, in front from the Nordlings of Cidaris and from behind by the rebellion, de Wett engaged in chaotic battles, suffering defeat after defeat. Thus the offensive for the Center Army Group was delayed. Instead of Verden being bound to the west flank of the armies "Center" to enable Menno Coehoorn's forces quick action, they in fact slowed down their campaign. So there was a delay and disruption of the offensive strategic plan. The Northerner immediately took advantage of the situation and went on the counterattack, undoing the siege around Mayenne and Maribor, destroying the chances of a rapid reoccupation of these important strengths. The inefficiency and stupidity of de Wett also had a psychological importance. The myth of the invincibility of Nilfgaard vanished. The army of the northerners began to receive hundreds of volunteers...

Restif de Montholon

The Northern Wars: Myths, Lies and Propaganda