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Journal Entry Edit

The Empire of Nilfgaard is the largest state in the known world, its rule extending over a more than a dozen provinces. It has conquered all the realms south of the Amell Mountains and united them under one crown. Black Imperial standards adorned with the golden sun flutter over buildings and outposts from the Yaruga River in the north to Vicovaro in the south and the mountain massif of Tir Tochair in the east. The Empire's mighty armies lie in wait, ready to bring death at their ruler's command or to die eagerly in his name. The Black Ones' continued march northward was last stopped several years ago, through the united effort of the Northern Kingdoms and the sacrifice of much blood at Brenna . Yet peering across the Yaruga on a bright day, one still can see their dark cloaks and the sun glancing off the points of their lances.

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