A Mysterious Passenger is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This quest may remain empty despite being listed as completed, depending on Geralt's actions in Skellige. It can be found after completing the previous main quest, The Calm Before the Storm, if Geralt has not finished the main quest, Family Matters, in Velen with the Bloody Baron.

Summary Edit

After finishing his visit to Freya's Garden in Hindarsfjall with Yennefer, Geralt wondered about what happened to this ugly creature that Skjall saw that the jarl, Donar, sold off. For this, the witcher decided to go to Larvik and ask the jarl himself. Donar described the odd creature and told him that he sold the creature to a merchant who wanted to sell him as a court jester. The quest ends as the jarl reckons that this merchant then headed to Novigrad.

Journal entry Edit

Geralt learned that, prior to arriving at Crow's Perch, Uma had briefly been the possession of Donar, jarl of Hindarsfjall. At some point, however, Donar sold Uma to a merchant from Novigrad, who thought the strange little creature would make a wonderful jester. This must have been the same merchant who then lost Uma to the Bloody Baron in a hand of cards.
It turned out the diminutive freak had spent some time in the possession of Donar, jarl of Hindarsfjall. Later Donar sold him to a Novigrad merchant who thought he was perfect material for a top-notch jester.
Prima Guide Mysterious passanger - Donar

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to Donar about the ugly creature Skjall saw.