The Last Exploits of Selina's Gang is a treasure hunt quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Journal entry Edit

If Geralt ran into the grave robbers first:
While exploring the catacombs beneath the city cemetery, Geralt ran into a crew of grave robbers. Giggling and cursing, the band of robbers swarmed the witcher, which ended tragically for them...
On the gang leader's rapidly cooling corpse, Geralt found an interesting letter from which he learned about Selina's Gang and a treasure that supposedly lay concealed in the tomb of a now dead but once famous woman burglar. yet to get at the treasure, the witcher needed a key.
Bruce, Selina's erstwhile lover, had the key. Grieving after having lost his beloved and unable to bear life alone, Bruce had chosen suicide, jumped in the lake and drowned.
Content to have found the key, Geralt returned to the gloomy catacombs and unlocked a chest full of valuables.. [sic] Since none of the members of the gang remained alive, the witcher could take all the wealth for himself with a clear conscience, then set off in search of new adventures.
If Geralt found the body by the lake first:
Intending to take a refreshing dip in Seidhe Llygad, Geralt happened on a corpse. Unsurprisingly, this quelled his desire to dive into the lake's shimmering waters. Yet on the corpse, which proved to be that of a suicide, he found a letter...
The letter spoke of the love that had bloomed between Selina and Bruce - two famed Beauclairois cat burglars. It also detailed the sad end of the duo's story. But any tale of burglars is a tale of their loot. Always a big spender and thus ever in need of coin, the witcher resolved to find the hidden treasure.
Geralt discovered he was not the lone prospector for the treasure Selina had left behind. So he quickly cut down his competitors, a band of grave robbers, and made off with the loot.

Quest objectives Edit

  • Read the letter the grave robber was carrying.
  • Search the shore of the lake near Orlémurs Cemetery.
  • Find the treasure hidden in the cemetery.