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Books Generic other The Kingdom of Temeria
by Alice kim

"Temeria, the jewel of the North, has silver lilies on a black background as its emblem. The kingdom, always powerful, has gained even more prominence in recent years under the wise rule of the good King Foltest. Redania lies to the north, across the Pontar river, while mountain ranges can be found to the south and east. One of them is Mahakam, a stronghold of dwarves and gnomes, past which the lands of Lyria and Aedirn lie. The capital of Temeria is Vizima, located on the shores of Lake Vizima. Maribor is the realm's second largest city."

A book describing Temeria, one of the most powerful Northern Kingdoms.

Journal entries Edit

Location: Temeria (possibly Vizima)

Price Edit

Buy Sell

80 Items Oren

16 Items Oren

Location Edit

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