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Kayran introductions

The kayran

The Kayran is one of the main quests in Chapter I of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. It begins when By the Gods - Stringing Up Sods ends.

Walkthrough Edit

An alarm bell rings. The last two men on the rapidly depopulated docks are menaced by a massive tentacle; one manages to escape, but the other is knocked down. Then a blue bolt of energy strikes the tentacle, which immediately retreats. An obvious sorceress has arrived, and she is immediately yelled at by a boisterous townsman. Geralt may berate this fellow (opening another choice, either to intimidate ...) or resume discussion with the sorceress. If not interrupted, she explains her intent to hunt and kill the creature to whom the tentacle belongs - a kayran. The gathering men are suspicious of both sorceress and witcher, and Geralt must now resolve the confrontation: either by diplomatic words (which will disperse the men without further incident), by intimidation (either this or the earlier opportunity, if successful, will improve this ability, but not make any friends), or by Axii hex (success will disperse them peacefully and improve the ability); failure of either intimidation or Axii will require a fistfight to proceed (and losing this fistfight = Game Over).

Now Louis Merse, Flotsam's official in charge of monster-hunting contracts, approaches and suggests negotiating with the waterfront merchants if the witcher will be 'joining' the contract already taken by the sorceress (this begins A Matter of Price). As he departs, Triss grudgingly introduces her colleague Sile de Tansarville, who has recognized Geralt but humors his amnesia. The two sorceresses are clearly not overly fond of each other, but Sile gives some advice on how to proceed in tracking and preparing to fight the kayran: an elf named Cedric. Then both women depart for the inn.



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Kayran blocking bug

  • Kayran tentacle may block the path to the top of the ramp

Journal EntryEdit

What about the monstrosity of Flotsam? Well, Geralt heard that the beast had attacked a man on the pier. Driven by professional curiosity, he went to investigate...
Indeed, it was as the people had said - the unlucky victim lay on the pier. A riled crowd surrounded him and was commenting on the events. Among the onlookers stood the sorceress Síle de Tansarville. The witcher and the sorceress exchanged but a few words before she asked Geralt for help in hunting down the dangerous beast. First, they needed to identify the species. An elf named Cedric was said to be the most knowledgeable about the local wildlife.
Cedric lived in Lobinden, a village nestled up against Flotsam's Walls. Humans paid him to keep the forest beasts away from their huts, so he spent most of his time on tree-top platforms gazing into the forest thicket.
The witcher found the elf and questioned him about the monster. He learned that a poisonous mucus covered the beast, so that a single touch of its tentacle could fell a towering man. Geralt decided he needed an antidote, but to make this, he would first need a sample of the mucus. So he embarked on an expedition to the monster's lair, and Triss joined him.
In the kayran's lair, Geralt learned that the monster's mucus was highly toxic. Triss gave our hero the formula for a potion that would render him immune to the beast's terrible venom, but he needed a herb known as ostmurk to make the draught. I've continued the story of the herb in another section, dear reader. Here you will learn how the hunt for the kayran progressed.
After speaking with Síle, Geralt was ready to fight the kayran. armed with a sword and knowledge, he set out to slay the monster.
You should have seen the battle! The bridge's arches crumbled like houses of cards and the beast's blood mingled with its poisonous mucus. Finally, the witcher, with much effort, won the day - the beast was dead, and our hero could pick up the reward he had rightly earned.

Notes Edit

  • Remember to loot the Kayran after the battle for valuable and useful items.
  • The first part of the battle involves chopping off three of the creature's tentacles. Síle recommends Geralt "trap it with Yrden", by which she means to immobilize the tentacles, which are otherwise too dangerous to approach and too fast to hit. A fairly reliable location to place a Yrden is as close as possible to the yellow prompts that allow planting a Kayran Trap. Then, if Geralt is in the vicinity of that location (he does not have to be right on top of it), a tentacle will eventually contact the Yrden and be held (temporarily).
  • Especially on higher difficulties where the damage done to Geralt per hit is very high, trying to keep Quen up tends to result in taking more hits because of the casting time. Instead, dodging is more useful until a tentacle is immobilized - at this point the Kayran stops attacking to focus on freeing its tentacle, and during that time it is safe to restore Quen.


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Kayran (The Witcher 2) Full HD

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