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The History of the Illustrious and Noble Order of the Flaming Rose was work of Reverend Hugo Balde describing late history of Order of the White Rose and entire history of the Order of the Flaming Rose.

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...Originally arising from the secular ordo, the Order of the White Rose, which initially emerged in the Kingdom of Temeria. Instead of remaining true to its ideals, the Order of the White Rose became more concerned with land grants from local nobles and temporal wealth. Attaining membership required only the donation of one thousand Novigrad crown to the order's treasury...
The order has underwent a reformation after the Nilfgaard Wars. Upon the death of Grand Master Rudolf Valaris, the mantle passed to Jacques de Aldersberg. Under his leadership, the order was renamed the Order of the Flaming Rose and its rules were adopted from the tenets of faith of the Eternal Fire...
Not long after the infamous events in Vizima, the Order of the Flaming Rose relocated to Redania under the protection of King Radovid, it received grants of land in the vicinity of Roggeven. In return, it began to serve as the king's armored fist.
Reverend Hugo Balde
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