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Hexer soundtrack

Polish CD cover

The Hexer (Wiedźmin, The Witcher) movie and TV series soundtrack was composed by Grzegorz Ciechowski and released on October 3, 2001. Songs were sung by Alicja DeRota Węgorzewska and Zbigniew Zamachowski, who portrayed the bard Dandelion in the movie. The promotional song "Nie pokonasz miłości" (You Won't Conquer Love) was sung by Robert Gawliński. Unlike the movie and series themselves, the music was well received by fans of Andrzej Sapkowski's books.

No Name Length
01Wiedźmin (The Witcher)5:02
02Pocałunek Yennefer (Yennefer's Kiss)2:08
03Zew wilka (Call of the Wolf)2:55
04Pierwsza rada Jaskra (Dandelion's First Advice)0:48
06Lawina (Avalanche)2:06
07Sen Yen (Yen's Dream)2:12
08Druga rada Jaskra (Dandelion's Second Advice)1:10
09Odnajdę cię Ciri (I'll Find You, Ciri)5:11
10Uciekajcie! (Run Away!)0:45
11Trzecia rada Jaskra (Dandelion's Third Advice)0:42
12Koniec z bandą Renfri (End of Renfri's Band)2:05
13Jak gwiazdy nad traktem (Like Stars over the Road)1:49
14Śmierć Renfri (Renfri's Death)0:45
15Bajka dla małej driady (A Fairy Tale for a Little Dryad)2:09
16Leczenie ran (Healing the Wounds)1:46
17Karczma w Blaviken (Inn in Blaviken)0:26
18Zapachniało jesienią (The Smell of Autumn)1:28
19Ballada dla Yen (A Ballad for Yen)1:04
20Czwarta rada Jaskra (Dandelion's Fourth Advice)2:06
21Ratuj, Wiedźminie! (Save me, Witcher!)3:25
22Nie pokonasz miłości (You Won't Conquer Love)3:40

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