The Heroes' Pursuits: Fayrlund is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is one of the four Heroes' Pursuits quests which involve horse racing.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest may be started at any of the horse race starts on Ard Skellig (not necessarily the one relevant to this quest), or by speaking to Svana in Larvik, on the island of Hindarsfjall.

By the hills northeast of Fayrlund, Geralt encountered some skelligers yet again preparing to hold a horse race. The witcher, either from remembering his talk with the priestess, Svana, in Larvik or from Geralt's own wish to ride Roach and best Skellige's best riders, decided to approach the Race Master and join the race. If Geralt accepts the challenge to race, the Race Master will declare his contenders to be Arve Oarsman and Red Rikka. The witcher must now best them both in a race from the starting line to along the cliffs north of Fayrlund. If Geralt finally crosses the finish line first, the quest will end with him being transported back to where he first talked to the Race Master.

Objectives Edit

  • Go to where the race starts.
  • Win the race!

Journal entry Edit

There are various ways to honor the gods: prayer, bloody offerings butchered on altars marked with pentagrams and donating to temples, to name a few. Skelligers, however, have their own, unique way of doing so. Since they value physical strength and warrior spirit above all else, they organize horse races in the goddess' name. Geralt decided to take part.
The goddess smiled on the witcher and saw fit for him to win the race. But this was not the end of the tournament - a final challenge awaited him on the isle of Hindarsfjall.