The Green March is not an official quest, but since it requires the same amount of legwork as any other quest in the game, it will be treated in the same manner as an official but optional quest. It takes place in Chapter V of the game when Geralt finds the druids holed up in a cave in the swamp cemetery.

Walkthrough Edit

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In the Druids' cave in the swamp you will find a group of druids, preparing for a so-called "Green March"; a march of protest against logging and the murder of endangered species. For their march, they need gems for an effigy of King Foltest, whom they hold responsible as leader of the kingdom, a banner, of course, and some symbols for the march participants to wave as they go by. They will exchange potions for these items.

Goods for trade Edit

Here is a summary of what will be exchanged for what:

Flowers White Rose White roses White roses are exchanged for three (3) White Honey potions.
Clothing Shawl Golden kerchief A golden kerchief or a silk scarf is exchanged for three (3) Cat potions.
Clothing Red Shawl Red kerchief A red kerchief (or red shawl) is exchanged for three (3) thunderbolt potions.
Clothing Silk Scarf Lady's shawl A lady's shawl is exchanged for three (3) blizzard potions.
Precious stones amber Amber An amber stone is exchanged for three (3) willow potions.
Precious stones diamond Diamond A diamond is exchanged for three (3) De Vries' Extract potions.
Precious stones ruby Ruby A ruby is exchanged for three (3) White Raffard's Decoctions.
Precious stones sapphire Sapphire A sapphire is exchanged for three (3) Full Moon potions.
Substances Fools parsley leaves Fool's parsley A fool's parsley leaf is exchanged for one (1) Swallow potion.

Notes Edit

Places Druids cave
  • This is not an official quest, as it is not added to your journal. The rewards are not governed by the GPAction field, but rather by ncs scripts.
  • It is possible that the amounts shown above are only for the first exchange and that subsequent exchanges result in only one potion rather than three being received. I have yet to verify this.
  • Traded a ruby twice, got 6 potions total in the Enhanced Edition.
  • Receiving the potions from the druids will unlock that potion's formula if it was not already in your journal.
  • The druids will only accept your "gifts" once per cave visit, exit / return to trade more items.
  • The druids also do not trade at night.
  • There appears to be a bug that results in you getting potions that do not correspond to the good you gave. When you say that you will give them a good, then give them something else or nothing, and then proceed to give them another good, you will receive the potion corresponding to the first good you promised.
  • This bug seems not to work if you want to receive a reward for a kerchief or shawl. On the other hand, you can give such items to get a reward for a different one.