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Secondary quests

Scrolls generic icon letter The Graveir Contract

On behalf of King Foltest, Burgomeister Velerad will reward anyone who can slay five graveirs. Their bones are to be delivered as proof.

Walkthough Edit

Substances Graveir bone Substances Graveir bone Substances Graveir bone Substances Graveir bone Substances Graveir bone

Velerad wants five graveir bones.

You can find Graveirs in the Vizima cemetery and the crypt under it. Collect the desired amount of bones and return for a reward.

Notes Edit

  • This quest can only be completed if the Bestiary contains an entry about graveirs.

Phases Edit

Graveir Bones Edit

Velerad posted a notice stating that he'll reward anyone who kills five graveirs. I must slay five graveirs for Velerad.

Loot Edit

I have five graveir bones. That should be enough to collect the reward from Velerad. I should see Velerad and collect my payment.

Payment Edit

Velerad paid me for killing five graveirs. I received my reward for the graveir bones. (200 Items Oren + 5000 XP)

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