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The Four Faces of Hemdall is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It does not appear in the quest log.

Walkthrough Edit

While Geralt was exploring the areas northwest of Trottheim in Faroe Isle, he came across a Pilgrim being blocked by three pirates. These three scoundrels denied the Pilgrim the path to a shrine of Hemdall when he simply wanted to pray and pay tribute to the gods.

The witcher can either ignore the Pilgrim and be on his way, or attempt to sway the men's decision to let the Pilgrim pass. If Geralt chooses to dissuade the pirates, he can offer to pay 20Oren3 to let the pilgrim pass, threaten the pirates, or leave. There is a chance due to the witcher having done another quest like maybe Flesh for Sale, they will immediately recognize Geralt as the man who killed someone named Sigrun and assault him without even letting him have any say on the matter. If the witcher pays the pirates' toll (2 Tw3 icon xp), they will taunt Geralt by calling him the pilgrim's nanny but still let him through (50 Tw3 icon xp). If he threatens the pirates or leaves but attacks them, the men will retaliate with their swords.

Once the men have been dealt with, the Pilgrim will thank Geralt and offer to give prayers for him till his pilgrimage's end. He'll tell the witcher that he's headed to the Four Faces of Hemdall, raised in honor of their great hero, for his pilgrimage. The witcher can further inquire about the legend of Hemdall, known as a great warrior and first father of the Isles, to which the Pilgrim will acknowledge and tell the witcher how Hemdall would return and face the evil powers, demons and specters of Chaos before the advent of Tedd Deireadh, the Final Age. Hemdall would be warned by the crow of the golden cockerel, Kambi, of the coming of the Naglfar with the army of darkness where a battle would ensue with Hemdall clashing with the forces of darkness in Ragh nar Roog in the end of the world. To this, Geralt will then suggest that prophecies of the end can also begin anew with the Pilgrim hoping he was right. The quest will end there but the witcher may talk to the Pilgrim again in their next encounters at any of the Four Faces of Hemdall shrines on Faroe Isle.

Four Faces of Hemdall Shrine

The Four Faces of Hemdall Shrines Edit

The Four Faces of Hemdall shrines in Faroe Isle may be found presumably in each direction of the island though the shrines currently can only be found in the western and central north and south portions of the island, one to the west beside a Place of Power, one to the central south of the island, one to the central north where the Pilgrim is first encountered. The fourth shrine may possibly be the obelisk in the center of the island with the same symbol guarded by a cyclops but given that each shrine looks similar, can be prayed to, and is distributed in each direction like a compass with the center being the obelisk, a shrine may have existed in the far east of the island which the Dagr Pirates of Trottheim know as "the chapel on the hill" and the quest objectives of Following the Thread name as "the shrine where Hammond prays". This idea might be contested though in that if the obelisk is treated as the center, it only has three faces with three symbols facing in the direction of the existing shrines. Each of the shrines in the island except for the obelisk can be prayed to by the witcher at the statue on top and it is believed that this influences the weather by clearing storms when it's raining and conjuring rain when the skies are clear.

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This quest has no journal entry.

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This quest has no journal objectives.

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Location of Quest (Four Faces of Hemdall)